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If you Resolved to get out of Debt this Year

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Oh boy!! I found some refreshingly useful blogs and articles to add some fuel to my getting-out-of-debt fire (got a traveling skate habit to feed, here). I'm so excited about them, I'm going to reference them here, so others who are sick of those lame 10-ways-to-get-out-of-debt lists can refuel their optimism too: "skip the latte from the coffee shop and brew your own!" - Oy! You mediocre journalist, last time I was given a Starbucks gift card worth $10, I had to use it to buy food for goodness' sake: 2 wet slabs of lemon pound cake, an espresso brownie and a migraine spread out over 2 meals thank you very much.


Two of the 'put yer money where yer mouth is' type blogs stemmed from this one brief-but-pertinent article of a couple's story to become debt-free. What kept me reading this article through to the end was the recurring theme of being fully acquainted with your own bad habits and weaknesses that kept you going into debt in the first place, and avoiding them.


The first blog mentioned is from a girl who deliberately made herself homeless until all her debts were paid off! This blog is blatant and drastic, but I got a big kick out of the part where she reduced her entire apartment's belongings down to 3 boxes by means of a garage sale. Granted, the whole story could just be a dramatic lie, but either way, it's inspirational to me. Since I'm a mother and love certain plain creature comforts such as blankets and a carpeted floor to stretch out on, I won't be going homeless to speed up my debt elimination. Although I've cut back on so much the next step would have to be ditching the apartment. And while I don't advocate dropping out of school like our heroine did, I do recommend you reading to see what she did to keep herself off the street. As she states in a separate entry called You Can Learn a Lot From a Rich Girl, "There are legions of people who are going to come face to face with the hard, cold reality that their debt doomed them to a life of dependency on a job at Walmart passing out smiley face stickers and shopping carts". It's not just a problem for people with my piddly single parent need-a-flexible-job-so-I-can-still-be-there-for-my-kids income. "...unimpressed by material excess, love is free, love, me say Hell yes" (Chilli Peppers again).


The second-referenced website is one I had created in my own mind many times over the past 2 years, but sadly never once in reality. Simplicity and content. What more could you ask for? The remarkable thing about this particular get-out-of-debt blogsite is its relative longevity. I have noticed the shelf-life of personal financial ambition blogs to be little more than a month, because so many of us have an abundance of initial promises and zero focus or support to back it up. These people Blogging Away their Debt are truly using their website to egg themselves on. Please check it out for innovative and realistic ideas on how to rethink your spending habits. No more tips like "Become a coupon-clipper! Some stores even double the amount off an item!" No! Really??! Did ya catch the latest episode of 90210?


There's something very energizing about connecting with others' struggles to just say no to new debt and to stop lining Citicards' executives' pockets with hard-earned cash. It's comforting to hear other people have also been torn between setting up an emergency fund or applying those dollars towards their debt. How to avoid micro 'irrational exuberance' when feverishly planning.


If you're just now starting out giving your unsecured debt the time of day, I'd recommend reading Mary Hunt's Debt-Proof Living: The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free - even if you're a math wizz, and, pshah, you could've written it. Math wizzes are people, too.




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