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I'm fat but I can still skate 90.3 miles

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Well saturday morning came quickly.  After tanglewood i kept telling myself, just loose 10lbs, that will make it a little easier.  But with Bobbi being stressed from school and work, the junk food kept coming in and we kept eating out.  I have no will power.  So with less then 300 miles in over the summer, including tanglewood, I told myself I was going to finish the Carolina Century.  I had all my stuff ready, checked my beat up old skates, they seemed to roll alright.  Thanks to Blake, I at least had wheels that were half decent. I thought I knew where my heart rate strap was on friday evening, but of course it was no where to be found on saturday.   I procrastinated painting a few holes on Church St. until the morning of the event so at 6:20 i was driving up and down Church st. pulling a trailer looking for those two skate and bike eating holes in the middle of a downhill decent.  I arrived at the church and helped a little with the rest stop stuff, put my skates on and off we went right at 7:30.  I felt pretty good other than being cold.  We ended up being 4 of us until the 64 mile mark when Clarence called it quits.  I was still feeling great.  So off Blake, Eliz and I were off to do the eastern loop.  I decided that I should go on my own shortly after that.  I had a cyclist with me...and for the life of me I can't remember his name.  Great guy, I know what he does for a living, but can't remember his name...sorry.  I was fine until mile 74-75.  After Goldhill rd. there is a 3 mile up hill climb.  My legs said "um i don't think so".  I had to take 3 or 4 breaks to get up that hill.  I made it to the rest stop at mile 80 or so and decided that i would cut the last ear off the dog and go up Ironworks.  If someone had been at Ironworks and Woolen Store Rd. I would have sagged.  But as luck would have it there was no one there and I had to finish.  Elaine came by when I was almost at 158 and asked if I was alright.  I told her no I wasn't but I was going to make it to the church.  So I clogged along and made it to the church in 9:39.  Slow pace but I had beaten my previous distance record of 87 at 90.3 according to gps.  I didn't make my goal of 102, but I didn't sag.

Great event, great weather....all in all a great day.




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Oh I forgot about the trailer!

Yo dude. Nice report! Thanks! Ben is the guy who was with us all on skates for the first 66 miles I think it was. I remember telling you go for it about when we got to Rockingham County. We told Ben the same thing and hoped we'd see you guys later if we felt better...or if you felt worse. You were superherolike all day and if you had left us sooner maybe it would have gone better. The time at rest stops hurt some I'm sure but I wanted to talk with the volunteers to hear how it was going or to see what we might do to make it better or whatever. I didn't say I made it better! I just said I tried to figure it out...too much. We were slow this year and add to that the talks at stops and the worry on the road about how it was going and it proved a challenge indeed. It was good you went on so you could skate your pace. I think Ben missed a turn somewhere and finished behind us, along with the lanterne rouge, John, and his new centurion, Darlene. By the end we were telling everyone to shut things down but they were keeping them open. It turns out we were not the reason to stay open after all. Thanks for all your help with lots of stuff northinsouth...a lot of which for which you don't get much credit. It totally escaped me that you'd be looking to paint those holes with the trailer attached...I had thought you might go out the night before as that was my plan if nobody else did it. As it was I was up literally all night...a story for another day.

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90.3 = amazing

90.3 is an amazing accomplishment.  Way to go sled-dog.

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Lose 10 Pounds to Skate Faster

That is VERY good advice! I did not do that. I think I did lose some. I was about 6 pounds down from a recent average when I weighed the next day, after lots of electroheavies and a serious bout of fun eating the night of Carolina Century. I do not recall what the fun eating was, besides awesome chili, of course, and magnificent grilled cheese. 

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Lose 10 lb in an instant

Great job Northinsouth. Not bad for only skating three times or so, all summer! It was good to skate with you again.

I have recently spent a lot of money in Kohl's after spending many happy hours in their fitting room. Huh? Red flag: fitting rooms are supposed to reduce women to tears, not make them happy.

It occured to me that perhaps Kohl's had caved and installed skinny-mirrors in their changing rooms. I did some research and although I couldn't find a list of skinny-mirror stores, I did find several pre-2007 comments that Kohl's normal dressing rooms made people look fat and hideous, but that places like Abercrombie or Nordson had slimming mirrors. All post-2007 Kohl's dressing room experiences mentioned how great the clothing looked and fit. Hmm. 

I found some really funny blogs about the subject (warning: not for sensitive eyes - potty words involved).

- "Does This Store Make my Butt Look Big?" from Snarky in the Suburbs.

- "Are You Crying? There's no Crying in the Fitting Rooms!" from Joy Unexpected.

- "Skinny Mirror Detection Device" from Half Bakery.

Anybody have any tips on how to check if the fitting-room mirrors are skew-whiff? In the Snarky blog above, she mentioned walking backwards away from the mirror and how your reflection would change the further away you were. 

It doesn't bother me too much because I tend to go by how my clothes feel rather than how they look (you can tell, can't you!), and I avoid looking in the mirror at all costs (you can tell, can't you!). But it is rather shocking to see elongated legs in the changing room one minute, then tree stumps in the exit door glass reflection the next :-D.


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