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Imagine Winning World Championships in Speedskating and Cycling in the Same Year...Twice

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I sometimes imagine winning my age group in a small enough race where there might be one or two others in my group. Ha! Imagine winning the world championships in speedskating. Then imagine that same year taking the world championships in cycling! Thirty years ago, that's what Sheila Young did. Check out the great form and how close she sets down to the snow-marked lane edge in the photo attached to the story below...

Young Twice Won World Championships in Speedskating and Cycling in the Same Year


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Cycling and Speedskating

    Some of our ice skaters went to an intense USS skater development camp in Marquette last year. The young skaters were put through the same type of training and diet programs as our national team members. The program included serious cycling, running, plyometrics, dryland, and other "fun" workouts like sprinting up and down dunes (ugh - running in sand). 

    Our local summer workouts include two cycling workouts each week. I have been cycling at higher cadences and doing sprints to increase my foot speed on ice starts. My training program include cycling at least once a week too. Plus, cycling is just a fun cross training option.

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