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Inaugural Carolina Century Inline Skate & Bike Ride 2008 - Benefits are many

MikeB's picture
Through many hours of hard work and selfless dedication, a new event - The Carolina Century - has been established.If I may, I'd like to thank Blake and everyone for their hard work and for turning an activity they love into an opportunity to help others.You should be so very proud of this accomplishment.  This dedication to community is very moving. This event's foundation has been set and the horizon is brighter for so many people and for countless reasons.

Perhaps people can share these reasons and their experiences on www.roadskater.net 

Share what it means to you to:
  • be a part of this event
  • strive for personal event goals
  • give time, energy & funds to charitable causes
  • why you do so - what's your motivation?
  • and whatever else comes to mind  
Congratulations to all on a job very well done.
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