Inline Hockey Net Minder Chuffed at Being Girl Goalie for Great Britain

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Here's a nice story of a gal who's not afraid to let the inline puck hockey players fire away while she's at the goal. I don't need any part of flying objects wizzing by (or worse, not going by but hurting me), on skates or off. You go girl. You go everyone for letting her give it a shot...or a block. It's a shame many girls don't get to play baseball here in the USA instead of (or rather, in addition to) softball, in my unimportant opinion. This is just based on how much more I enjoyed baseball than softball. I don't mean this as disrespect to anyone who loves softball better. Love is good. I just mean how fun if the kids learn the game they love not based on some gender prohibition but based on what resonates with them after they've had a chance to play...softball would still be just as great even if some gals played baseball and maybe some guys played softball! Anyway, great job goalie girl.

Girl to play inline skate hockey for Britain - Sussex Express -

Girl to play inline skate hockey for Britain
Sussex Express, UK - Feb 27, 2008
Outside school hours she has developed a flare for a special indoor version of hockey. Inline puck hockey is similar to ice hockey. ...
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