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Inline Skate Shopping in and around Athens and Atlanta Georgia ;)

Would anybody know about skate shops in Atlanta or Athens? I have set some time aside for shopping and visiting. I will rent a car on Thursday Oct. 2nd to check out the country side. Anything interesting besides the A2A course that I should put on my “Must See List”?  


Statue of Athena Roadskater.net Photo Meetup Spot Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 34.9524" N, 83° 22' 23.3076" W
Skate Escape
1086 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: (404) 892-1292
33° 47' 3.786" N, 84° 22' 43.8168" W
Sun & Ski Sports
5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Lawrenceville, Georgia
United States
Phone: (678) 847-5717
33° 58' 41.3544" N, 84° 4' 57.5796" W
Dick's Sporting Goods
3535 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: (404) 267-0200‎
33° 51' 5.5548" N, 84° 21' 31.194" W
REI Recreational Equipment Incorporated
1800 N.E. Expressway
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: (404) 633-6508
33° 50' 23.7804" N, 84° 19' 17.076" W
Dick's Sporting Goods at Mall of Georgia Buford, Georgia
United States
Phone: (678) 482-1200‎
34° 3' 55.5552" N, 83° 58' 57.4896" W
REI Recreational Equipment Incorporated
1600 Mall of Georgia Boulevard
Buford, Georgia
United States
Phone: (770) 831-0676‎
34° 3' 41.7672" N, 83° 59' 41.9388" W
REI Recreational Equipment Incorporated
235 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: (404) 287-2391
33° 45' 37.584" N, 84° 23' 13.2828" W


roadskater's picture

Skate Shopping Anywhwere Can Be Difficult Except Online

Hey and glad to hear you'll be coming down. As for attractions:

The one great attraction that I have been to other than to

  • see the Atlanta Braves play baseball (any year of the ten or so prior to this would have been great) is
  • the Georgia Aquarium. It is truly wonderful and I will gladly go again some day I hope.
  • World of Coca-Cola is a place I'd like to go but haven't, and the same is true of
  • the Martin Luther King memorial.
These are on my list but I usually am pretty booked or lazy when near Atlanta.

Maybe eebee and I can meetup with you sometime while you're there. If not before,

  • we'll be at the statue of Athena in Athens for a Roadskater.net photo and I'm thinking 4 PM will be the time but am not sure yet. Check InlineNC on yahoogroups.com (please join now, anyone who'd like) to get emails on that most likely.

Skate shopping can be tough most places since so many shop in person and buy online, but Skate Escape is a little shop downtown near Piedmont Park.

  • There are also REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated I think it is) stores around Atlanta.
  • Outside the loop very near the course at Duluth Highway and Atkinson Road, there is a Sun and Ski Sports, and they have a few skate things, notably brake pads for the Miller brake, which uses a particular Rollerblade pad.
  • Outside the loop on I-85 North there's the Georgia Mall and what now may be a Dick's Sporting Goods (no I didn't make that name up or if the founder is a real Dick).

I've driven the course three times I think it is, and if you have the gas and time, it's a worthy pursuit. Make note of any construction or pavement problems and let someone in the event know of course. Photos of notable places would probably help.

When you get to Little Five Points there's a left onto a sidewalk where your car can't go. Just go to the next left, take that, and when you get to the street you would have taken from that sidewalk, turn right. Make sense? Ha! But take a look at that sidewalk too, as there's a drain on the far side of the sidewalk as you are skating back onto the street.

Please share your notes on roadskater.net before A2A if you ride the course, and on inlinenc too if you can! And let us know the places you go and what you think, good or less good. Hope you have a blast and see you there.


Thanks for all the info.  Yes, if eebee and you (or anybody) would have some time and like to join me, and if it is only for a glass of wino/water,:) that would be wonderful. I am staying at the W Atlanta arriving late Wednesday night. (No, I am not rich; a friend spoiled me and gave me some Aeroplan point to book the hotel).See you all Georgia

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