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Inline Skaters Get Great Tour de France TV Coverage and Comments

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Just a quick note to say that on today's stage of the Tour de France, some inline skaters made the video coverage and were even commented upon favorably by Phil Liggett (and maybe by Paul Sherwen too).

The first view was of the solo race leader with a solo skater in a low race position making good time on a road parallel to the TdF course.

The second view a few minutes later was of four skaters on the parallel road, behind the full peloton, with fields of sunflowers in the foreground and between the two roads.

These skaters had planned their effort at coverage well! Probably USAmericans trying to get their 15 seconds of fame, ha! Watch on the numerous replays for when the distance to go is between 82k and 78k and you should easily see these awesome glory hounds, not disturbing the race, but getting their view on.

For ideas on trying to get video coverage, see my earlier article...


My best guess is that this took place near Sercy, between Saint-Boil and La Place (Malay). Here's an interesting page on the area


Enjoy! Skateylove, Blake


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Skaters Make CBS Tour de France; May Be on Cable Tonight

Hi to all... The intrepid inline skaters that showed up in Tour de France coverage earlier this week also made it very briefly in the CBS one hour fluffy summary this weekend. It's a shame they had to include any bike racing in that coverage! It felt like I saw the common-taters 3 minutes for every 1 I saw cyclists cycling.

Also, one more chance at least may await for you to see these skaters getting their vid on as today's rest day means the Against Channel will be providing a recap of the tour so far at 8pm EDT. Check out my updated article on watching this online if you don't have access to a television (or one where they'll let you watch cycling, ha, as most sports bar TVs are already busy showing other sports, like Texas Hold'em Poker). Good luck finding these skaters. It's not much but it's the best exposure our sport has had in awhile in my view.

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