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Inline Skating 67 Miles on the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama: Photos and Maps

roadskater's picture

We had a fine day out, eebee and myself, from mighty hot to excitingly electric weather. Lots to tell but who knows if I'll find the time. Meanwhile here are 410 photos that are geolocated on a Google Earth KMZ file.

We got started around midday when it was getting hot indeed. We drove to Piedmont, AL, where there's a Welcome Center. We planned to skate the 40 miles down and back to the Anniston, AL end, eat some sandwiches and have cool drinks at the car, then do the 27 miles or so out and back to the trailhead of the Silver Comet at the state line with GA.

Sirens blasted as we arrived on the south end after our 20 miles, and we heard warnings of severe thunderstorms as we checked the radar on our cel phones. After the storm calmed we headed back for the Dollar General store in Weaver, just off the trail, to get some WD-40 to displace some H2O out of our bearings. More stuff happened...lots of great fun stuff...and hopefully I'll write more later, and I'm sure eebee will have a nice write-up. For now, here are the links for what I have so far...check back later for updates.

The photos are here...

The Google Earth thumbnail map (with the photos placed where taken) is here, and it's perhaps the best way to see everything around...


Browsing in Google Earth is fun, but here's how to look at the image thumbnails in order, and to view the terrain following the track we too (including the dizzying moments where we're still and there's GPS drift)...

  • Once you load the file into Google Earth (which is a free download), you'll see the name in the "Places" section on the left of the screen.
  • Click the + plus sign beside the folder and the Chief Ladiga folder will open up to show "Images" and "Tracks"
  • Highlight Images
  • (You can control the speed and other parameters of replays that follow with "Tools/Options/Touring)
  • Click the "play folder" icon (or whatever it is) to the bottom right of the Places window (it's a folder with a play button triangle on it
  • The images will show in a slide show (there's just thumbnail size but they show where the photo was taken and include the file name time stamp for reference to the main photos at roadskater.net).
  • After you've had enough of the slideshow playback, highlight the Tracks folder
  • Click the play folder icon again to see a different view of the thumbnails on the trail by flying along (there are glitches in the data but you can get the feel of the surrounding mountains, particularly in the later sections of the trip between Piedmont, AL and the Alabama-Georgia border and trailhead of the Silver Comet Trail.

Hope you love some of the photos!


Eubanks Welcome Center Chief Ladiga Trail
202 Dailey Street
Piedmont, Alabama 36272
United States
33° 55' 22.1736" N, 85° 36' 27.306" W

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