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Inline Skating 90 Miles & 2 days for Multiple Sclerosis 1999-2007

roadskater's picture

Why I've Skated for MS Since 1999

Ever wake up feeling strange? Not sure what it is? Every day...in fact, every hour of every day...someone wakes up feeling strange for a reason. Something is different. It might be numbness. It might be pain. It might be loss of muscular control. It might be headaches. Soon, they can't ignore it and hopefully they go to a doctor. But even then, it can be hard to determine what is wrong. Weeks or months might go by, still with no clear answers. Then for some...one person every hour of every day...the news is not so good: Multiple Sclerosis.

The good news is that people are living much longer with MS because of the research and treatments that are available today that were not just a decade ago.

The bad news is that people are living in pain, and the disease can appear to have gone away, then come back for another depressing and debilitating attack on their freedom, movement and even their joy.

The great news is that recent research has made a difference. I know for years and years we hear, "we're near a cure!" or whatever. But in this case, researchers have found cellular markers that identify the presence of the disease. This makes one of the most difficult aspects of the disease, diagnosis, likely to be much easier in the future. Not only that, DNA research has led to identification of two genes that, if irregular, can increase the risk of developing MS. For constantly updated Multiple Sclerosis-related news, go to:


This is amazing! Actually being able to look into the genes to see who may be at risk, and to be able to have better diagnosis, these are great advances. But even better, these discoveries will lead to better treatments for those already suffering.

This is where your money, and mine, and my skating, come in. I work all year to increase my endurance for my own health, but also to help others in the charity events in which I skate. I ask your help for just one, the Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis in Greensboro, NC.

Myself and the 30 to 40 other skaters and cyclists on the Roadskater.net team skate and bike about 90 miles in two days with 1,500 other cyclists in the piedmont hills of the Tar Heel State to get your attention. We want you to want to be part of it, to be a virtual skater for MS. Every single person on the tour pledges to raise at least $200 to cover the cost of the fundraising, research and treatment for people with MS.

We could skate many miles on our own, sure. And we do. But since 1999, I can tell you these two days of happy pain are some of the most meaningful of the year, every year, as we roll with others to meet still others who need and are very grateful for our help.

We want to kick this disease. We want to cure it. But before that we must understand it. And we want to help those who face it every day.

Each day I think, "Oh, well, do I have time to skate an hour today? I have to get ready for September." And I sometimes moan and complain.

Each day, they wonder, can I stand, can I walk, will it be a "good day" or a "bad day?"


Give from Your Abundance: Money or Time

Please help! Give from your abundance. If you have no abundance, I understand. If you have little money but lots of time, consider giving your time to fundraising. That's what I'm doing!

To see how the team is doing, to join us (skate or bike), or to donate to the team or a team member:


To pledge to me use this page, or select a team member on the above page:


There are likely to be 32 or more of us on the Roadskater.net team this year, and we need your help helping others.

If you made it this far, thank you! Regardless what you decide...I wish you peace, and...




Research Notes

"[Researchers] have for the first time identified a cellular marker whose disappearance can be directly correlated to the manifestation of multiple sclerosis."

"At present, multiple sclerosis is diagnosed by testing for antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid or by performing MRI scans of the brain. The future will show whether this new finding can also be useful for the development of a new therapy.

"In multiple sclerosis, misdirected "auto-reactive" immune cells destroy the isolating myelin sheath surrounding the nerve fibers, disrupting the transmission of neuron signals. In healthy individuals, a special group of suppressor cells, also referred to as regulatory T cells, is one of the means how the body’s defense-system keeps such amok-running immune cells in check.

"Only recently, researchers in Heidelberg could show that the thymic production of regulatory T cells is impaired in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, research groups in Europe and the USA have revealed that genetic variations of two genes related to regulatory T cells can increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. The genes CD25 and CD127 encode the interleukin receptors 7 and 2, which regulate the activation of immune cells."

[From http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/08/070831202255.htm . For a constantly updated Multiple Sclerosis news search, see http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=aggregator/sources/11 ]

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