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Inline Skating Against the Wind

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This is just a quick note about skating in the wind and cool (for the southern USA) temperatures on Sunday. I was only out for a little over a half hour, but I'd say gusts were over 30 mph. Earlier in the day things had been blowing around stiffly, and some noted shingles were blowing about in places. Here at the skate hovel the large city-supplied garbage can was rolled and skidded about 15 feet from its usual position across somewhat rough ground (this is the newer, lighter version of the green Greensboro City residential trash can). I almost bailed, but after looking for storm reports of a more serious nature, I decided to go see what Country Park was like. It was actually not as bad as I thought it might be in terms of limbs on the ground...not bad at all. Much of the loop is protected, but out by the lakes it was breezy indeed. The temperature was fine but the wind cut a bit, and occasionally gusted enough to make progress notably harder. It was a good chance to try skating with a lower wind profile. I think the attitude of everyone there was uniquely happy. I got lots of smiles or good-natured laughing responses, I guess you could call it. I think people felt good that they were out there exercising (including a small group of runners and a fair number of folks taking their dogs to the bark park), and when they saw me skating, I think they thought, "Well, there's someone crazier than me!" It was a fun and different day it seemed to me, but it may have all been in my head, which is fine, too! It's amazing how much difference the wind makes when you are on wheels without the grip that shoes provide. It's a big assist, I'm sure, without us noticing, usually. Of course we notice when it is a crosswind or headwind! I only did four laps (about 6.2 miles) and then I went for some Hazelnut Coffee and Wi-Fi access. I hope everyone is getting back to skating some (if you rested over Winter) and looking forward to much more as the days get longer!


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53 mph gusts!!!

OK you win! You're harder core than I am! I skated in GA that day too, and we only had 32 mph gusts, so says wunderground.com. Max gusts for GSO were 53 mph, with the highest winds being about the time you skated. I watched my son's baseball game right after that here in 30 mph gusts. Through the orange dustclouds we could make out some really fast pitches :-) 


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Unholy Winds

I suspect that all winds may be called unholy, but don't know, and will never settle that, certainly not here...a Hannah and Her Sisters balcony scene moment...but...on that day there were moments when I wondered if the world...or the piece I was inside at least...might stay in one piece.

I had the impression that the winds had died down, and I had made my way mistily through some of the day anyway, in a drowsy fog, recharging from late night computer ponderings. I gave a call to timv who reported on conditions in his area and told me there had been small objects flying about.

I just about gave up on skating then, and he reminded me that indeed there may be debris on the ground or coming to the ground during my skate. I talked with eebee while I checked my weather page (a page I cooked up with lots of weather links and graphics) and looked at the storm reports for the day at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK. They catalog and map weather reports from spotters and other sources at:

I'm not sure why, but there was nothing on that page at the time. I don't know if it just hadn't updated yet or what. Looking back, we didn't make the grade (65 knot winds, 2" hail or tornado reports):

Looks like we came close though. Honestly, I am content to have bad weather go elsewhere, so I can go chase it if I really don't have a difficult enough life!

Regardless, things looked like they had died down a bit and after looking at the hourly forecast on accuweather.com, which indicated winds would die as the sun and temps went down, I headed out. Most of the skating was sheltered enough to provide a bit of protection, but I was glad to have a helmet on...along with a sort of mildly painful wind-braced smile I think. I had not skated hard that week, but had been out three times in recent days and my muscles were already sore.

Most of all I'm glad I did it since it really was plenty safe and I think the people there that day shared a sense of false glory because of the conditions. This is all silly of course, as it was not like surfing in a hurricane. It was more like a 5" snow day in the south, when kids and adults alike are looking for ways to goof around in the mildly and gloriously slick weather. It's fun to be silly about snow and wind, especially on wheels. It was a nice hour or so.

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