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Inline Skating Bavaria (Karlstein Bayern Deutschland) Pete Yorn Precious Stone Keith Richard Open G Guitar Tuning DADGAD Eagles

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OK I found this on the Roadskater.net news sidebar. This is just a quick one that mentions inline skating in Germany. If you want to be more miserable, check out the view from the mountain, the inside of the salt mine, and the inline skating on country roads in the forest. Yowee. Sweet views. Makes me miss those NC mountains, too, though they are older and more rounded, in general. Of course, I'd like it if dude would wear a helmet, but I am happy to have someone showing some skating as part of the highlights of visiting a region. Check the video here instead of worrying too much about the article below...hmm...you may have to open the article first...not sure...

Also of note, the town, Bad Kissingen. I've been there, and ended that relationship before it began. :o) But seriously, I've been to about 80% of the states of the USA and also because of skating to Ottawa and Montreal in Canada, but not much more. I bet some of you out there have been to some of these places. I sell fuzzy animals from Bad Koesen which are incredible (though I now have to set a minimum order amount to make it work). Bad just means "bath" or "spa," essentially, as I understand it. I bet eebee can enlighten us! Here's the article link...
Water, air and salt make you feel good in Bavaria - Deutsche Welle -

Water, air and salt make you feel good in Bavaria
Deutsche Welle
Click on the video below to join him on a tour. His recommendations include Predigtstuhl Mountain, Lake Thum, and inline skating in Karlstein.

[Inline Skating]


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Shoulda been a Steely Dan song

"Bad kissing and a Piña Colada my friend"

Btw, I just googled for quite a while trying to find out what "that fearsome excavation on Magnolia Boulevard" and "that ditch out in the valley that they're digging just for me" from that song allude to but without luck. Anyone have any idea?

Back when I was one of "the vampires walkin' through The Valley," my apartment was just a few blocks south of Magnolia and it doesn't ring any bells for me. Yeah, they put a subway through there, but that was in the 90s and doesn't seem like it would even have been on the horizon in '75.

Or is it even an LA reference? They mostly wrote about New York up to and including Aja as I understand it, even after they had relocated to CA, and there's also a mention of "the avenue by Radio City" in the same song.

Back to the subject, might someone from North East Somerset in England be described as "Bath to the bone"?

No direct relation to any of the above, but since I have nowhere else to put it: I just downloaded this song and I'm digging it: "Precious Stone" by Pete Yorn. If you like Rubber Soul/Revolver-style 4/4 rock with moody lyrics and louder guitars, you might go for it too.

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That Ditch Out in the Valley

Well I always assumed that was his soon to be grave. It seems he's mixed up in some test tube and scales stuff with the white tuxedo wearing man trying to beat the heat. Looks like it's all unraveling. Interesting if the locations were mainly NYC instead of LA.

I never understood Steely Dan so much as I loved their music and the way they sang words I didn't understand but knew meant something at least vaguely to them. Over the years much has unfuscated (made up) itself as I learned more terminology of life. Awesome tunes. I like the dabbles of specific sensory information with lots to fill in between. I also like simple moments that are nonspecific enough that we all remember doing that...

"All night long we would sing that stupid song. And every word we sang I knew was true!"

Their studio/touring musicians really transformed the Doobie Brothers (a band I saw as often as or more than I did the Eagles, the Who and the Rolling Stones...I probably saw all of those five times or so before the 90s). Some place refs are Boston (not the band but another one I saw twice I think, once after each of the first two albums came out I think). I usually went to either Greensboro or Johnson City but sometimes the old round Charlotte Coliseum (I saw Emmy Lou's band melt Willy's backups entirely there with "Luxury Liner").

Used to be you could only be so far from it all, and if you wanted to be up close, you just had to be there early and run fast! Still was true when Counting Crows lead on for Cracker with the Dog's Eye View singer leading on for all a few years back now. 

Oh no...I was there...it was good.


"I was having a good sleep...in my car...in the...parking lot of the showboat casino hotel"


Regarding Pete Yorn, I found the empeethree here...bottom of the page...


Sounds like an open tuning on one of the guitars (on the right on my laptop)...good guitar mix. I didn't check it but maybe even the one the Stones use for so many early ones, open A (for those who want to experiment with the Stones thing, tune E A E A C# E...then hammer on and off an Am7 form like 000000 -> 002010 and also try 555555 -> 557565 and 777777 -> 779787). Also nice tight drum. Long time since hearing from him. I thought he was going to be huge a decade or two ago.

Oops time to get back to jersey stuff.

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Banjo Tuning!

Thanks for posting the link to the page with the Precious Stone mp3. I had several pages open in tabs and I thought they all included a link to the file but I managed to post a link to the one that didn't.

Funny that you should bring up Keith Richards and his tuning. A few days ago, I read a good article about Keith's recent appearance at the New York Public Library promoting his new book where the author described him as the "sergeant major of open G rock classicism." I've also heard it referred to as "banjo tuning" since the high four strings (DGBd) are tuned the same as the four long strings of a 5-string banjo in the common tuning. (Though I've lately been favoring the pre-bluegrass gCGBd tuning on my Gold Tone Old-Time banjo. It's just that much trippier.)

In fact, there usually only five strings on Keith's open-G guitars and some are custom-made that way, which he talks about in this video interview.

Also on YouTube, you can watch Yorn play "Precious Stone" on the Ellen DeGeneres Show but it looks to me as though both guitarists are playing ordinary open-position cowboy G chords, just hammering on the E and C notes with free fingers. It's also remarkable--to me anyway--that with his trick hybrid Gib-der/Fen-son guitar, with a Jaguar-ish body but a Tune-o-matic bridge and P90 pickups, and the holy-grail Matchless amp on the backline, Pete manages to sound eerily like John Fogerty on "Who'll Stop the Rain" with CCR (soapbar Les Paul and solid-state Kustom amp IIRC.)

The guitar tone is different from the studio version, but I don't hear much difference in the chord fingering. Do you?

Pete's from Jersey, incidentally.

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+1 Good Catch Open G Guitar Tuning for Keith Richards Not Open A

After writing that without a guitar around and years away from doing it, I thought I was wrong about A and that it was G. So, apologies for leading budding guitarists who look at roadskating websites for music information!

I had not gotten back to that as I was in the world of updating Ubuntu (made it from Intrepid which is EOL End of Life could be similar to SOL up to Janty, which is also recently EOL, but the old-releases package isn't coming up properly for me...another subject). All of this is to avoid more important things I should be doing.

What I said was that it was an A tuning (tune UP the 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings a whole step or two frets' worth, which I admit makes the neck and strings tighter and is not right).

You're right timv. I forgot that I seldom crank the tuning higher (but I have done it while turning my head away, ha). What I remembered later was it was a G tuning (tuning down the 5th by a whole step--or 2 half steps or 2 frets' worth--and the 1st high E down a whole step to get xGDGBD. You can keep your picking hand damping that sixth string, or wrap your fretting thumb around behind the the neck or use your fretting pinkie even, or take that fat string off, or tune the fat 6th string a whole step too to get a nice 5th note bass note now and then, but because the 5th string is the bass note or tonic, and Keith especially wanted straight rock and blues sounds from his chords, I think he said in the old 70s magazines that he just took that string off as it was sort of in the way.

So if you have too many guitars in your music trailer and are on stage a lot, it's a cool thing to have at least one guitar tuned (by your flunkie roadie's digital led tuner) that's a 5-string Richards setup. I don't have those things, so I take a chance on breaking a string when I retune, especially a big chance back when I was playing four hours straight with no breaks and didn't have a flunkie or many extra guitars. Just tune it up and use a Am7 form (the fingering for Am7 or and bar chords that use that like Dm7 bar chord form on 5th fret in standard tuning. Use just the flat index finger at 5 and 7 to play the IV and V chords (C and D) and hammer on that Am7 form like 557565 and 779787 and you should hear some "Honky Tonk Women" and other Stonesy sounds.

While we're on tunings, for those bored with the old EADGBE, DADGAD is a great one. Tune fat 6th string E down 2 frets, and on a Rosewood guitar this is heaven. Tune 1st and 2nd down 2 steps also. It's like a Dsus4 you don't have to fret, with an open sound because of three D notes plus two fifths (the A notes) and then only a half step away and in the middle of the note range, a little beautiful tension with that G note that wants to go somewhere maybe. Lots of Crosby, Stills, Nash and/or Young, some old Pink Floyd I think, and many other interesting tunes use this. Without looking I think "Harvest Moon" uses this one. Tune it up and pick around some.

Get another tuning by lowering the G a half step for an open D. Hope all these are right. I think I used to play "We Just Disagree" with this tuning. Where's my guitar?

Oh, and if they're doing the hammer-ons with a somewhat standard G chord or one with a damped fifth, that's very Eagles "Take it Easy"-esque. I got it this way from an old book long ago:

3x0003 or
320003 but i play with these fingers



On Yorn's tune, if there's a ringing D (like the standard D fret 3 string 2) I say they tuned down because to get the hammer-on B to C with a D that's likely. If there's a ringing G like 1st string fret 3, I say yes standard tuning. That would be a more open sounding high ringing chord. 

Back to the Eagles they like to play 3x0033 to take thirds out of the G and make and really open firsts and fifths version. Desperado is a pretty good album, and Eagles, not too shabby. Those are the ones that really have the early sound of course, with Bernie Leadon checking out somewhere along the way and Walsh et. al. coming make it more of a guitar dueling lick trading end of "Life in the Fast Lane" and "Hotel California" deal. Too bad we couldn't have kept some of the early in with the new, but by then, it was indeed life in the too fast lane...and Bernie must have really needed to go. But that banjo and Telecaster (methinks) were really great in with the fuzzy rock and country rock cocktail. Those acoustic guitars (and banjo rolls and Tele arpeggi steel guitar inspired note bends) sounded solid as the fern growing under the rock strum trees. Nice forest!

Speaking of one note guitar solos (and I know we weren't, but there's one in "Nightengale" if you allow hammer-ons, which I think is OK if you allow bends, and I say yes, allow bends and hammer-ons and pull-offs). We usually talk about Neil Young for this topic. He must be the master of squeezing noteness out of one note. 

Hmm. OK. Right or wrong, got to go!

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