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Inline Skating a Great Way to Lose Weight!

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This is why I failed so many classes

You and I posted about the same Yahoo article, Jonathan, an hour or two apart. I hid mine in a comment though. This is the same article Roadskater already wrote about a month or two ago and I forgot already. Yahoo may have tricked me and put up different pictures to make me think it was a new article. But still...it's always good to get a good word in for skating.

roadskater's picture

2 Reasons I Am Glad to Hear You are All Alive

I don't have reasons but it's a title.

\Hey Jonathan! Glad to hear you are still kicking as we have not heard from you since Carolina Century. I haven't written my report or done any photo edits!

Eebee I think I obfuscated all by my funky title and also think it had a different source link. I also note that I spelled the numbers like a old school printed word reader person instead of using digits like a web headline writer.

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Inline for the waistline

It's not even "holiday season" yet and pants are getting tighter.  There's a choice at hand: skate more or replace wardrobe with stretch denim.

.......don't have the will to give up doughnuts & honeybuns..........guess skating more is the answer.

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