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It's Been A Great Year..

Jack's picture

..for Roadskater.net members!! Lots of training, events, races, you all have so much to be proud of.

I'm coming up on seven weeks since my surgery, and have made wonderful progress, thankfully. I'm walking 3 to 4 miles, 4 to 5 times a week, and have started mixing it up with some very slow jogging. I feel the cardio coming back nicely and chomping at the bit to skate, but can't until my chest fully heals, which will be Nov. 1st, according to my surgeon.

I hope, as I always do, to keep moving throughout the winter. Of course, I've always hoped that, but it hasn't always happened. I'd like to believe that this will surely give me some incentive :-) In any case, thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and support.



timv's picture

Great, but it's flying by!

Thanks for the update, Jack. It's cool that you're keeping up on everyone's doings, and it's great to hear about yours


So it's been seven weeks since your surgery? Wow! Maybe it seems like a long time for you, but this whole year has been buzzing by for me. I hope at least that the next month and a half go by quickly for you. It'll be really good to see you back on skates.

northinsouth's picture

Jack on the path---to recovery

Glad to hear things are going well Jack.  I haven't recieved a phone call from you so you must have been well taken care of during your recovery.  Look forward to seeing you out sometime!  I can't go very fast when i am pushing Avery.


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