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It's Spring! Go Skate!

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Here's a question for anybody experiencing somewhat warmer Spring weather (since it's all relative and the Northerners probably consider 50 deg F to be warm, while some of us wimpy Southerners won't skate below 65 Deg F) - what are you all doing, skate- and training-wise? Are you doing short laps around your local park or have you already embarked on full-fledged roadskates? Did you spend all winter chasing indoor skaters? Please let me know what you're doing, I'd love to know.

For my part I've been 'trying' to get out and skate between 60-90 mins, 5-6 days a week. In real life outside of my head, this translates into 60-75 mins, 3-4days a week. I started out with the aim of notching up some Long, Steady Distance, by staying around 70% H.R., but after about 3 weeks of that I ran out of patience and blew my heart rate out a few times on things like chasing a teenager on a motorized scooter around the track like a greyhound. At least I felt like a greyhound. Probably looked more like a brontosaurus. 

I read in a free Greensboro running publication that if you want to lose weight, you should aim to work out for 60-90 mins, 5-6 days a week. So until I have the scary motivation of a skate event deadline (even if it's just the Tour to Tanglewood training rides!) looming on the horizon, I'm using that simple formula to get me out there and moving.  

Among the joyous payoffs are elevated moods, weight loss and strength to go about the rest of my day in a sane manner.

My local park of choice, since I can't afford the gas to get to the downtown Atlanta nightskates, Stone Mountain Park, or the Silver Comet Trail, is Bay Creek in Grayson, GA. I'd link to a map but it's too new to be on any. It's your typical suburban USA baseball/football park with a 1.35 mile perimeter, slightly undulating trail through the woods, plus a 1/3 mile flat track around the football field, which is almost always bepeopled and bedogged. I started to wonder if I was getting to unused to roadskating, and how difficult it might be to skate on the roads again. Naaah! Not after all these years of T2T and A2A! Besides, dodging toddlers on bikes, great Danes walking 8 year olds, clotheslines and late-for-practice baseball parents in their houses-on-wheels, I figure that keeps my wits agile.

Occasionally the local Lawrenceville Sparkles speed team shows up and has class outside. I don't even try to keep up with them at this point, but I love watching them go. I think, however, that the above-mentioned obstacles slow them down too much.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to seeing all you skatey friends, endless hours of roadskates, and Eddy's upcoming Greensboro Roadshow: I didn't want to spend the whole weekend nursing a knee injury from trying to shoot the duck with lame quads and excess weight! (No that's not me, and no I can't do it anyway).

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