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J&L Bicycle Burlington NC 2008 Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Photos, Speed Map, Google Earth Thumbnails

roadskater's picture

I had a great time with eebee, andrewinnc and jack, plus Marianne and all the cyclists and T2T staff and volunteers at the inaugural J&L Bicycle T2T training ride! Check out my 150 photos two ways, as a Google Earth thumbnail route map, and full-sized on roadskater.net:

Also, here's a speed map, which is pretty fun.

The top speed was lower than often here, as the steepest down was also a sweep left we had not done before. In general, while there were hills, they were milder than what we'd experienced on the July 4 Red, White and Blue show'n'go route. We really enjoyed the group of riders, which included plenty of folk just enjoying a nice ride without feeling they really needed to stress about racing. While we love the fast cyclists plenty, we hope that slower cyclists will always be encouraged into the sport to keep it alive and growing. It was great to have a pack of 4 hanging out and doing the entire route together.


Skateylove, roadskater


J&L Bicycle
216 E Front Street
Burlington, North Carolina
United States
36° 5' 34.7748" N, 79° 26' 9.2004" W


eebee's picture

Great photos!

Hey these photos are great! I usually recognize most places in your photos from having been there, but I apparently missed a whole bunch of pretty buildings during this skride. I must've been enjoying our 4-person strong paceline!

Additionally, this was the easiest, least hilly skride for me so far this year (possibly due to the overcast, low-80s weather), counting Hartwell, Tour de Guilford, Tour de Kale, GVC Red, White and Blue and CDO. However, some of your photos' perspectives give the impression of a very hilly ride. 

It felt good to be among some of the first waves returning to the parking lot for once :-)

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