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Joey Cheek Writes about Darfur on World Refugee Day

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While looking for information on the World Cup, I came across an editorial by Joey Cheek for ESPN.com's Page 2 section. 


There was also a link to more writing on Zambia and Right to Play. I imagine Darfur is too dangerous for anyone not directly delivering aid.

Jim Caple recently traveled to Zambia with Joey Cheek as part of the Right To Play charity. Check out the story and photographs in At Play in a Land of Death." 

Here's a bit of Joey's text from the ESPN page:

On April 30, I stood alongside politicians, religious leaders, entertainers and fellow athletes to call for stronger U.S. and international action to protect the people of Darfur....More than a month has gone by, and the situation remains dire for the 2.5 million people from Darfur who are unable to return to their homes. Instead, they sit in refugee camps completely reliant on food, water and medicine from international humanitarian organizations. They are unable to plant food, search for water or collect firewood; any trip outside the refugee camp will leave them prone to rape, castration and murder by the Janjaweed militia. Their own government has prevented humanitarian groups from delivering these important resources that simply allow them to live and to hope....

Joey's tagline included this website, which I believe means he listed it in lieu of some personal websites:


Some may find it repetitive that Joey is still on this topic, and that I keep talking about it here, but imagine how repetitive it is every day to face death by starvation, dehydration, lack of medication, or by violent means. I don't know what should be done and don't wish to debate it here of course, but would like for all of us to consider taking action of some sort, and offer these links for your consideration, out of respect for what Joey has achieved and how he wants to spend his 15 minutes of fame.


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