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Joey Mantia Slow Motion 300fps Inline Skating Speed Outdoor Track Video: What do you notice?

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Check out this video of Joey Mantia on an outdoor track, in slow motion video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9jbxcxJELQ Notice anything specific? (Other than muscles, I mean!) Anyone know where the video was getaken? [Later: I think I found it and have it pinned on the map. I'm sure eebee can help with the meaning of the title...sounds like community health insurance commission or similar, but the googlemaps note says it's an outdoor, covered, 200m track. Sweet.] Thanks to Brian R for posting that link on the skating social list.


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other than the HUGE leg muscles?

Damn... those are some damn huge leg muscles on that boy!


The camera angle isn't ideal for looking at the technique (it would be better if the camera was moving along with him...) But The crossovers look really good . He definitely "pops the balloon" with his underpush. There's also a good direction of push for both the regular push and underpush, although the regular push could maybe be a tiny bit more forward. The part where he actually crosses once skater over the other is extremely precise.


It appears that he *might* be toeing-off a bit at the end of his push. But as long as he's at full extension when his heel wheel comes up, that's fine.


The interesting part comes at 1:11 in the video where he goes into some double-pushing. We don't get to see much of it, but it looks awesome. His left side appears to be better than the right. (Noticeably more extension on the left underpush.)


Very cool video! Definitely something to aspire to! :-)


- SM -

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Yeah, depressing like seeing GQ or Vogue methinks

Yeah we can just thank eebee and any other femmes for not (publicly) going on and on about the muscles. I thought I'd go ahead and put it out there first to deflect the feelings of humiliation! :o) It's bad enough to see air-brushed perfection on the magazines but I've long since adjusted to the idea that everything's digitally manipulated, but in the video I think it's clear he really is that strong...and lean...so there's the power to weight ratio at work. As for here and now, it's not cold enough to snow, with cold rain here, making it a good time to grab some Cafe Bustelo (yummy espresso coffee) and dream of skies of blue, and fields of green and the roads in between. Thanks for the thoughts on the video. I thought it was a wonderful facility and wouldn't it be nice to have some of those in the United States. I'm glad you noticed the double push part, as that was what I thought was very interesting, along with the other skaters who did like I do--they hung on for dear life for a lap or a few seconds, then dropped off bedazed and bedazzled.
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Joey Mantia Backflip

That's what I noticed - the link on the right to other vids. Unfortunately he doesn't do the backflip on his skates.

I agree with Skatey-Mark, the double-push segment is riveting. I wish I could get some momentum like that. 

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maybe Switzerland?

One of the main wall advertisers = Hugo Leutenegger AG Hugo Leutenegger AG Hubstrasse 90 9500 Wil SG Switzerland Skatey-Mark nailed it. Mantia's technique is a thing of beauty. His crossover precision is incredible, leaving very very little room for error, (pickups, putdowns, crosses,etc.) And he works those wheel edges to extreme angles getting every last bit of push, no matter the skate or where it is in the crossover. Amazing. Perhaps Roadskater could digitally put his smiley mug on Mantia's body and reload to youtube, (Just like the host of America's Funniest Videos will do on some clips). That would be sweet.

Schindellegi, Switzerland

 Yes, this video is taken at the Inline Center in Schindellegi, Switzerlandhttp://www.inlinecenter.ch

If you go to the right of the page, there is a link to a photo gallery, and on some of the pics you can see the track.

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Oh yeah credit to Mike

The first link for this that I saw was from Mike of LondonSkaters.com methinks, then I saw Brian's post on it thereafter. There was a mention of Weinfelden as the location for the workshop at which the video was taken. It seems Weinfelden is where the track is, but this is near Schindellegi, where the company is that perhaps built or owns the track. There's much about all of this and more, including why that track looks like the one in the Begg videos we've seen, in this long and entertaining post... http://www.exxostenerife.com/speedsk8/assets/s2dmain.html?http://www.exx... If for nothing else, check out the photos of the 3-story skate shop and World Inline Cup offices, if I got it right. Sounds like the Swiss may be making huge progress in years to come. Build it they will come. Economic stimulus anyone?

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