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Joey Mantia USA, Elizabeth Arnedo COL, Win First 2009 World Inline Cup Event in Columbia; gewinnt WIC Auftakt 2009 in Kolumbien

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Not much to say on this as I wasn't able to watch any vid, but Joey Mantia rolls and rules again...Presti has been near the top for a long time. Impressive.

1    Joey Mantia    USA    Luigino Atom World
2    Massimiliano Presti    ITA    Luigino Atom World
3    Yann Guyader    FRA    Powerslide World
4    Diego Rosero    COL    Rollerblade World
5    Nicolás Zamudio    COL    Powerslide Phuzion
6    Alexander Bastidas    VEN    Zepto Skate
7    Jorge Cifuentes    COL    DRC Valle
8    Elio Cuncu    ITA    Powerslide World
9    Bart Swings    BEL    Cado Motus World
10    Gerardo Herrera    COL    CMB Metropolitano

1    Elizabeth Arnedo    COL    Codecar
2    Maritza Pescador    COL    LMT
3    Cecilia Baena    COL    Powerslide World
4    Brigyte Méndez    COL    Luigino Atom World
5    Kelly Martínez    COL    Bont Wheels
6    María González    COL    CMB Metropolitano
7    Tamara Llorens    ARG    Bont Wheels
8    Alexandra Vivas    COL    Bont Wheels
9    María Mendoza    COL    Las Panteras
10    Silvana Stocco    ARG    Federación Porteña

Not sure if this is the official site, but it is magenta so worth a look...

Promo video I think I've seen before but worth a look:

Some photos:

A nice display of results. USA not much of a presence except for Mantia...nice article as far as I could tell...

Check out a few photos here...share links if you find some please...


Joey Mantia gewinnt WIC Auftakt 2009 in Kolumbien - real Berlin Marathon (Pressemitteilung) -

Joey Mantia gewinnt WIC Auftakt 2009 in Kolumbien
real Berlin Marathon (Pressemitteilung), Germany
Nach seinem Sieg beim WIC Finale in Berlin, Ende September 2008, konnte er auch das Auftaktrennen des World Inline Cup 2009 in Cartagena de Indias/Colombien vor seinem Teamkollegen Massi Presti für sich entscheiden. Diego Rosero war es, ...
[Inline Speed Skating (plus Roller)]


Cartagena COL 2009 World Inline Cup Race Cartagena
10° 25' 16.3956" N, 75° 33' 0.3132" W
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