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Join Roadskater.net to Skate or Bike Tour to Tanglewood September 24-25 2009 in Greensboro NC

roadskater's picture
Hey to all. If you've missed it so far, Tour to Tanglewood this year is September 26 & 27, 2009. This is perfect, coming 2 weeks before Athens to Atlanta, so Tanglewood can be your last hard weekend of hills if you want to make it that way. Or it can be a leisurely group skate for you fasties who want a longer taper. Regardless, it's music for the soul so come join us to help people who can't. We at the ROADSKATER.NET team have over $1000 of fundraising available from the Roadskater.net Carolina Century that will be donated through team members and through members of other teams who donated time to Carolina Century. Everyone who signs up for the Roadskater.net team for Tour to Tanglewood 2009 by January 7 at the reduced $25 rate will get at least a $25 donation toward your $200 minimum (or the first 40 signups!). Further, if you helped with the Carolina Century or had family/friends who volunteered on your behalf you'll get a bigger donation share, but we need to give it to the MS Society through riders/skaters who are signed up for this year by January 7, so you must sign up for Tour to Tanglewood by January 7 to get this "free" fundraising money into your account. (Guidelines: I don't plan to donate more than $200 to any one account, and I don't plan to receive any of the donations in my fundraising account unless there are too few signed up by January 7 to follow that rule.) Click here to view the team page for ROADSKATER.NET and JOIN OUR TEAM or... http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/NCCBikeEvents?team_id=144... Click here to visit my personal page. or... http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/NCCBikeEvents?px=2167761&... We plan to meet at 6pm Saturday for the Tanglewood Lights on bikes and skates thing. Details here... http://bikencc.nationalmssociety.org/site/PageServer?pagename=BIKE_NCC_h... Skateylove, roadskater


United States
36° 4' 55.0164" N, 79° 58' 1.0812" W


skatey-mark's picture

I'm in!

I actually meant to sign up yesterday, but forgot...  As soon as I saw Blake's email today, though, I signed up before I forgot again!


As far as I know, TTT doesn't conflict with any events this year --  NYC 100k is still an unknown though.  But Northshore and A2A are definitely on different weekends...


- SM - 

MikeB's picture

I'm in too!

Thanks goes out to the Roadskater.net family for being such a class act organization. This will be my first TTT, and only second charitable skate event (did '08 TdK) of what I hope to be many charitable events to come. Again, thanks to RSN. My cousin's daughter has a degenerative neurological disease, and although it's not MS, it's life changing to say the least. "Little Anna" has Krabbe Disease, a very rare disorder that takes most kids by their 8th birthday. (NFL quarterback Jim Kelly's son, Hunter, had this terrible disease). Anna's 8th b-day is 7/10/2009 and we pray she'll have many many more. Anyway, this is kinda close to home, giving extra energy for fundraising. I know the RSN Family will do their best, and I'm glad to be a part. Skate Strong / Skate Safe
roadskater's picture

Glad You're Skating for MS

Hey MikeB that's great news that you've joined us for the one weekend of the year we focus on skating for those who can't. Well, there are plenty of other training rides and the Carolina Century, but this is the big focus for the year for some of us. I'm sorry to hear about Little Anna but hope you will keep us updated on her progress and that maybe we can meet her some day. Maybe you can carry Little Anna's photo with you across the 90 or so miles in 2 days of the tour. There's a "Linking Lives" program that can put you in touch with a person with MS that you can ride in honor of if you like. I have yet to do it, but it seems a nice idea. I do have people in mind, some I have never met, when skating and when fundraising, especially. It helps make it easier to ask if you have a person in your mind when asking, I think. Otherwise it's like bugging people or something. Glad you have joined us. Looking forward to warm weather!
eebee's picture


Yay! Glad you signed up, MikeB. The summer training skrides seem so far away. Still, in hopes that they will eventually get here, I'm in training to be training for the training skrides.
MikeB's picture

It will be great.....I just know it

Keeping a picture of Little Anna with me is a tremendous idea.  Thanks for that.

Summer does seem far away, but the coming weekend is supposed to get to 60+.......wwooooo  doggy, that will be welcome for sure.

The training skrides sound like fun too.  I'm really anxious.  

In one week's time, my T2T fundraising will launch.  I'm psyched and know the RSN family is too.

roadskater's picture

Keep us posted on Little Anna

Give us a report now and then when you get one if you will.

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