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Joint/tendon repair thru negatives

Cat Brother's picture

  For anyone with a new or chronic injury, a method that's worked well for me, when I finally did it regularly (duh) is to lift a weight with 2 limbs, and lower it with only the injured limb. I first read about this years ago re Achilles tendon rehab, in which you simply did a bent-knee calf raise with both legs, and lowered the weight with only the injured side.

  I've had a hamstring strain, at the insertion on the ischium, for some time, but it kept fading away before it'd make me buckle down and do something. With this race coming up, I knew I could NOT have a sore ass, so  began, 2x a week, doing semi-stiff-leg ('Romanian') deadlifts, lifting the bar with 2 legs, lowering with the bad one. Damn stuff works, whaddya know. I did regular single-leg RDL's with the good leg, as the same part of the nervous system innervates both hips, so working the good one heals the bad one faster. 

 Hope this helps anyone in pain. The RDL/single-leg RDL are great movements anyway, light-years beyond leg curls for hamstring strengthening, so they're good to pick up. 


roadskater's picture

Yo Cat Bro any pics o'that?

Thanks for the posting on strengthening and healing techniques through lifting with help from the other side (not the white light other side) and then lowering it with the injured side. Any pics or links to those Romanian dead lifts? Tell us more as you learn, please. Thanks again.
Cat Brother's picture

Some youtube links for

Some youtube links for exercises YOU should be doing 1. Bulgarian squats – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwGF8sHONDE Notice how he keeps his torso upright, all the way down? 2. Romanian deadlift - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnBREGM7pE0 Maintaining the back arch is absolutely crucial, both to use the glutes and hams, and to protect the lumbar spine. 3.My fave - Single leg deadlift http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWLg7MrA9y4 The rehab technique I described started like #3, lowering the weight, ended like #2, lifting the weight. I'm also a big fan of the glute-ham raise, but you need a special bench for this, as well as the ability to maintain 'abdominal lock.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM4fcVP4hHo
roadskater's picture

I watched and those look like work, but...

...that's the point of course. It is amazing how much stuff's up on the youtube. I'd say the Bulgarian squats seem most like what I might try. A good indoor dryland program can work too, I hear! Thanks again. Share as much info on this as you'd like. It'll help someone even if we never know it.

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