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Just a Quick Note...

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..to thank Blake for all of the countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears he's put into skating, it's promotion and this web site. While I've always been enthusiastic about the sport, even in some of my darker, non-skating hours, Blake has constantly pushed, promoted, cajoled, and encouraged those around him literally, and through this medium to enjoy it to the maximum and invite others to do the same.

Although the competitive nature in us, makes us, on occasion, forget why we started skating in the first place. A simple roll with friends can bring it all back immediately. The sheer joy of self-powered motivation, with a minimum of equipment, and a maximum of pleasure.




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Nice of You to Say So But...

I haven't done much except skate. I've enjoyed even the work part of it...even the silly stress about fun things. I just wish I could only be a skate ambassador throughout the world or whatever and never have to do anything but travel, photo, film, skate, write, meet, share, all that...and eat! Alas, the time=1/money equation.

It's also important to add that the skateylove points show how much eebee has contributed in content to this site and in the skate world. We met Andy because he read one of her write-ups, and the Denton paper called because we were at the skate, they met us, then she wrote about it and we had photos online. And eebee hears all that background stuff when I'd rather be writing or editing photos but I'm instead dealing with spammer membership signups or technical glitches or software updates. (The missing Google Maps markers are killing me! Don't ask me about this at dinner for your own good!) eebee also puts up with skating with me while I'm taking photos or yakkin'...or both.

timv has contributed a lot in the background, listening to me go on and on and commenting here and there, reminding me of technical issues, hashing those out verbally, and encouraging me even when I am going a different path than he might. He may write less often lately being so busy, but when he writes you can tell he's thought and researched! He also gets me out skating and away from the computer.

skatey-mark has been huge support and a sounding board, and he is an example of doing instead of talking and thinking and planning and figuring out how it'll never happen. He's also put up great content here, and not all skating info directly. I think that what skaters and cyclists know and are interested in, even outside the sport, is often similar somehow. Maybe because we're all defective in the same wonderful ways?

Looking at that list shows how important kjg was in the early days of the social networking version of roadskater.net (rsn2.com) too. She put up a lot of content that was interesting and sometimes personal (a good thing in my view, but I understand privacy concerns, it's just too late for me!), then I think maybe was surprised how many read it and got a bit shy, perhaps. Not sure. This is all guessing on my part. But life gets busy and changes for us all at times, so thanks, kjg, and we hope to see your sandwich eating picture beside a post sometime soon.

MikeB is a much more recent member and he's likely to just post enough to let you know someone is out there reading, which, believe me, is a great help when you're thinking, should I bother posting these photos or this story?

We haven't heard from clairem lately, but I bet she's out there reading and will respond when something comes along that she feels she has expertise in. We'd love it if she'd keep us posted even with things not so earth-shatteringly specific! How's it going and where are you these days?

Of course, several of you have gotten to know andrewinnc since we met him last year at Tour de Lions. He's had some injuries and other setbacks, but he's out there staying fit and loving the roadskating methinks. The Tour to Tanglewood rides are some of his faves I believe, and the cyclists are adopting him as they have the rest of us, including us in the family.

We haven't heard from skart or sommemi lately, but I'm hoping we will, as they each bring a different background and current set of goals and experiences when they post.

I only wish I could get one tenth of all the way cool skaters I know to share themselves the way you guys have here. Most people have no idea how interesting they are!

Of course, I want to mention how much northinsouth has done to keep me going with skating and thank him for being a continuing part of what we do for the Tour to Tanglewood to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I remember meeting at the park and dreaming about ultramarathons, and I especially remember when some people said we shouldn't do the Tour but let them do it instead because they didn't think we could finish! Ha! Thank you for saying that! And we're sorry you didn't join us, especially for the fundraising, because people, charity is the really important part of what we do...skating and cycling are fine, and skateyloving the world is important, but we're not really doing anything that important if we're not helping those who can't do what we find to be so easy, or at least so achievable with moderate to much effort.

There are tons of others who do more and who've helped me along the way, and I hope I can write more here about people who inspired and helped me to be just some guy from somewhere in Carolina skating with a camera. That's really all I am, and all I really want to be. Wordsworth was just some guy with paper and pencil wandering around Europe and that turned out OK I guess.

But what I want everyone to know is that you are just as interesting and important as anyone else. There's someone out there more like you than like me, and they'd like to hear what you've lived, skated, loved, learned.

If you're willing to share yourself, your story, there's someone out there who would like to hear it. Your mistakes are so important, and some are out there trying to learn from theirs and yours. But they also want to know how you finally succeeded or are continuing to get up after falling...how you got off the couch, how you got faster, or learned more endurance, how you came back to skating. And it doesn't all have to be strictly skating or biking. Check out the currently most popular all-time content list:

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  • We have wasted a lot of resources using the excuse that we are different from each other, dividing and conquering, even conquering and dividing. We say, "They're wrong, less valuable, not worthy of love." What skating teaches me is that love and joy transform most situations. Let's do some transforming in a tiny corner of the universe called Roadskater.net.

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