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Ken's Bike Shop Winston-Salem NC Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

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We had a nice dry day and homegrownmatt showed up briefly to say hi-bye before streaking off on his knobbies to chase down some roadies. It was great to see him, and even better to have some Mexican food later on with him at the best Mexibuffet I have ever seen at Cuco's in King, NC. The next time you're up on US-52 looking for some great tasting food, check it out.

Check out the photos from the Ken's Bike Shop T2T TR here:


Ken's moved some time ago from Reynolda Village and their new location seems to be working well and they have more room. The only thing we miss is walking over to Village Tavern afterward!

This route is challenging on inline skates due to the long downhill on Kiger Road on fine gravel mostly stuck to the tar. We wore down most of a brake each, tested our quadriceps, and even spent some time rolling and walking on grass beside the road (yellow flowers!). We lost a lot of ground to the cyclists we'd been with or ahead of on this section!

It's a beautiful route, especially climbing up Red Bank Road. The goats and horses were fun, there's a really nice cornfield up that way some years, where the road cuts through all this glorious sweet corn! And there's a really nice simple white church just beyond that in a nice right hand arc in the road. That's one of our favorite roads to climb, Red Bank. Good stuff. The skate back into town is nice too, with some tough curving uphills with a bit of polite traffic coming back up to the turn back onto Motor Road.

This is the most technical of all Tour to Tanglewood Training Rides because of Kiger Road and also because of downhill sections going out and back into a busy intersection with a traffic light, followed each way of course by steep uphill tests. 

We come back to Ken's because of the hospitality and the tricky but gorgeous loop out in the country, with one good view of Hanging Rock and a bit of the surrounding monadnocks of the northern piedmont. We had a very fine day with no scrapes or bruises, just sore ankles, especially for me, from perhaps being overly cautious this time around on the downhill...and I think I had done or was about to do a ten and a twelve hour skate with skatey-mark as he prepared for the 24 hours of Montreal during this time...all of which are contributing to my memories of ankle and muscle pain in these weeks of the summer.

After the skate, we looked at stuff in the shop and they had some sweet bikes, one of which I liked especially. This was mostly based on the color, ha! eebee thought I might be going to the dark side, but no worries. I can't imagine trying to sit on one of those funny seats all day!

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