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The Last Athens to Atlanta 2007 Photo

roadskater's picture

Some stories take a while to be told...or to be tolerably painfully embarrassing to tell. This may not be the last photo from Athens to Atlanta 2007, but it's about the last one I could call an A2A pic for 2007.

We had a challenging weekend of it with the car break-in and window replacement, but after A2A was over, we had a nice few days and just kept putting off going to Athens for my car. I can't tell you why it never dawned on us that there would be a price, beyond just a daily parking fee, for this. There's a sign but it's not one I had read.

We got the car loose and wrote a check to help Athens with their municipal funding, said thanks, and asked, "Would you let us park here while we eat, since we just paid that fee for overstaying our welcome?" Seemed only fair to me, a bit cheeky to others perhaps, but they said, "Sure."

So eebee and her son and myself went to the Indian restaurant across from UGa and had an absolutely fabulous dinner and very nice time as well. It was so much nicer leaving town after some peacefulness and comfort, rather than with the sound of a check tearing out of a book in an echoing windy cool fluorescent garage.

At least we went our separate ways with warm contentment brought on by curry and naan.

What a weekend of mishaps and carelessness! But another 87 miles into the Duraskater bank for both of us, and a really fun A2A for most everyone methinks.

I think the Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers did a great job, and many skaters there gave up their chance at miles to volunteer for the rest of us. Thanks again APRR for all you have given to roadskaters everywhere, and to me, personally.


Athens-Clarke County Parking Garage Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 37.512" N, 83° 22' 26.4756" W
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