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Laziness & Healing Time: Pulled Hamstring Muscle

eebee's picture

Somehow back in mid-September I pulled part of my hamstring. It wasn't a big strain, and I have absolutely no idea how I did it. I am tee-total so it's not like I woke up one day with mysterious injuries from the night before. The pulled muscle was bothersome enough to where doing endless parking-lot crossovers led to discomfort and instability. It must've been my monster underpush :-)...

Anyway, I skated ok at Rolling in Randolph, and A2A, so it wasn't really a big deal. About a week after A2A I decided that since it wasn't feeling any better (or worse, for that matter), that perhaps I should try to fix it. Lacking spare cash to dump out on a local Sports Therapist, I ran instead to Google. I checked some websites for pulled hamstring remedies, but unfortunately the only advice I could find, dealt with immediately after sustaining the injury, i.e., the usual ice, rest, etc. I guess I had been looking for some miraculous stretches that'd heal it faster. So I did nothing. No skating, no stretching, no cycling, no yoga, no nuthin. After a total of 8 weeks of steady decine into skate-muscle atrophy, lack-of-exercise-induced depression and overeating, today, I have noticed, the pain in my hamstring is GONE! It took 8 weeks total: 3 weeks training, and 5 weeks indolence! Lazy slobs of the world, unite.

The moral of the story? I shouldn't beat myself up for not wanting to exercise, as it might just be the result of a blazing row going on between my body and my mind, regarding injuries or health issues I'm otherwise too stubborn to respect.


timv's picture

Hamstring now betterz

Almost two weeks late in replying (how'd that happen?) but I'm glad to hear that your pain is gone and I think you raise a very good point there. Our bodies are pretty good at recovering from stuff like that, all on their own, if we just let them. Aggressive therapy and extraordinary treatment measures might be called for with professional athletes or in organized team sports, where it's important to get back on the field as quickly as possible. And while stretching might be good for preventing pulled muscles, I can't imagine it helping at all once the pull has occurred. More likely, you needed the break after a long season and a lot of skating.

roadskater's picture

Daylight Gaining Time

Yes indeed, after Athens to Atlanta there is usually a lull for awhile. There's the well-deserved if you want it layoff afterward, but also far fewer opportuniites to hit the road (affordably) with the cyclists. Of course, many skaters don't see A2A as the end of the season, but my past shows that I do. And I'm OK with that for now. However... 

This year, we really missed the Tour de Triad, as that is one we would have paid to be in because Mike is so great and the cause is great too. And were I flush with cash I'd've likely gone to a few more pay as you go charity rides in October and beyond.

Claxton might have been a good goal, and Tour de Pig would be a great shirt to have, as if I need another cotton shirt. The Defi would be fun but the travel cost is more than I wanted to handle as long as I have not completely solved equipment issues.

As it was, with cooler weather and shorter days, I had decided to take some time off, and despite grabbing a deal on some boots I have yet to try them, even with balmy days here, where I have to work now to pay for past and future play.

If I can keep an eye on my weight, I'm OK with the rest for the skatey muscles. But it would be nice to see everyone and get out there with some cyclists and skaters.

Meanwhile letting the mind and body focus elsewhere, I tell myself, is a good thing. I don't know if it's true, but it feels better to think so.

eebee's picture

Tour de Triad 2007?!

Yeah I was thinking about that the other day: was there even a Tour de Triad this year? It was a great event in years past. Not that I would've been able to even get 20 miles down the road right now anyway...the most exercise I get is climbing 3 flights of stairs about 4 times a day. Sad!
roadskater's picture

Maybe Next Year for Tour de Triad

Well this was a busy year for Mike and Elaine so maybe they needed a break from organizing an event and being in charge of rest stops! Still we missed having that post-A2A local bike event with people we know in charge where we'd be comfortable even if not doing all that great!

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