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London Marathon 2007: Hyponatremia strikes again

eebee's picture

Here's a report from www.thisislondon.co.uk about yet another fatality from hyponatremia. This one is in relation to last weekend's London Marathon, where temps were in the mid-70s. Sad and very preventable - not by not entering the event, but by having an abundance of Gatorade and salt! If an event can't afford truckloads of Gatorade, they should at least be able to afford some salt!

A group of 13 of Cranfield's School of Management had intended to run the marathon dressed as a 40-ft long dog. I could not find any news to support whether they carried through with their plans or not. And we think skating in 85 deg F with helmet and wristguards is hot!


kjg's picture

Thank you!

I was telling someone about this last night and it finally hit home (I guess sometimes I am a little slow ;-) ) how lucky I was to have friends around me that were smart enough to take care of me and especially to Blake who alerted me to the possibility of hypernaetremia. Just wanted to say Thank you to you guys again.

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