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Looking for replacement axles

Hi everyone, I've been looking for replacement axles for my old Ultimate Attitude frame, but seems like I couldn't find this brand from most of skate shops anymore. What happened to Ultimate... Did they go out of business or something? Does anyone know where I can get those axles? They don't have to be Ultimate brand, as long as they fit on my frame. Please advise. Thanks.


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Late Night Fun with Calipers









Last night I was curious, so I measured my old Miller 5x80 frame axles. It was a great way to relax after a stressful day. For some reason I had convinced myself over the years that 100mm wheels were thicker/fatter than the 80mm. I was surprised to find the 'Miller' axles (I think they came with that frame, but I can't remember) to be 0.5mm longer than the ones I'm currently using with my Salomon 3x100+84 frames. So not noticeably longer unless you squint at them side by side. The threaded bit is also about 1.5mm shorter than my current axles. The Miller axle diameter (on the threaded end) is 0.5mm smaller than my current Salomon frame axles. My current axles don't fit with those old Miller frames. 

Not sure if anybody has mentioned the Inline/Ice Warehouse page, but they show various axle shapes. 

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subzero frames

I have never skated them, but I always thought that subzero made a beautiful frame.  Looks top notch.  I would half consider them, if not for needing 10 wheels for them, oh and the fact they won't fit my boot.  But major bling factor!

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Check the Local Rink and Online

Hi and welcome. Thanks for posting a question. I was just looking for axles, myself, along with spacers. I want to make up a set of wheels with bearings and spacers in them for events and another set with bearings and spacers for regular days at the park. The wheels wear a certain way at my usual training spot of laps, and differently on the road, I say. In any case, for training I don't want to wear down the profile of some good wheels. 

OK, so I scouted around the house and found a lot of old hardware from various skate setups, but didn't find spacers and axles. I called the local rinks in town (Skateland USA North and West) and ended up finding spacers for a dollar each at the Skateland USA North. The folks up there were nice and we talked a long time about skating indoors and out and cycling in the Tour to Tanglewood (the husband of the woman there is a skater who bikes the tour on another team).

So I asked about axles and went to get my nasty skates so we could compare. They said the axles cost a lot more...about $7 each. I decided to wait, as I have a few extras already. 

I used to have the Ultimate Attitude 5x84 frame, and back then it used what was considered to be a "standard" axle. Other than Powerslide, with its Torx head axles, I don't know much about newer frames. My sense is that some have gone to slightly beefier threaded ends, but I am not sure where I got that idea.  

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Anyway, a ton of frames were made with these standard axles, and you could check eBay for axles (I didn't find any) or frames (I found several that could be better than the Ultimate Attitude flag frame I had) that include axles. For example, I found this 80mm Hyper Nitrous frame for $30 plus $10 that includes 10 axles, 10 spacers, 2 mounting bolts and a hex key. If you need the hardware, this is a good buy in my view. I can't promise the axles are the right size but I may buy a set just in case they fit my setup. But I'm considering other options too. Still for the short term this seems a good deal.


Hyper Nitrous inline speed skate frames 12.8 long NEW



If you fancy yourself wanting to try (as I would like to) a 5x90mm 165mm (short) mount frame, here's a cheap way to do it, except for buying the wheels of course. Same thing about the axle size, but it comes with all the hardware and a nice wrench it seems. BEWARE they are VERY LONG, but boy would they be stable on the open road! I'd like to test the turning ability though before certain downhills on the A2A course! Here's the link... 


Sub Zero inline speed frames 5 X 90mm 165mm mount NEW



I've heard good things about these Recon boots from some really great skaters, including one of my favorite skate-through-pain heroes, Dan. If you need any 84mm wheels like I currently do for my 2nd wheel of the 3x100+84 setup I use, this would be a great kit, but take note the bearings are minibearings so those use a different width spacer inside (slightly longer, methinks). The axles should be standard but I can't guarantee it. So 10 84mm wheels, 20 minibearings, 10 minibearing spacers, 10 axles, hex wrench. For $139 + about $10, this is a nice skate kit. I am not really sure I am better off with 100mm wheels in every way, so it's tempting to get this. It's a shortmount boot, so take note of that if you're thinking of going 100mm, 110mm or more. 


K2 Recon carbon fiber speed skates, many sizes NEW



I would definitely consider this if they had my size. I actually have a 100mm Salomon longmount frame lying about that uses longmount. I can't quite fit into an 8.5 size, but maybe some of you can! This is not the Recon, and I have not researched it, but for the money I think it could be a good deal for those of us who don't want to or can't afford or justify buying the latest expensive stuff. 


K2 Longmount inline speed skate boots sizes 3-81/2 NEW




I think buying new old stock is a good way to go for axles, and maybe even with a frame that's better than what you have now. Good luck and PLEASE share your solution when you find it. We ARE very interested.


timv's picture

Nice eBay finds

Those K2 Recons look great, tempting for sure.

Powerslide axles

Thanks. I never thought of buying a new set of frames, but since they can be had for cheap like $30, I might consider that. So are you saying the powerslide with the torx head axles will fit the Ultimate attitude frames? I don't mind the head type -- looks like Powerslide axles come in set of 10 with the torx tool for $20 in some shops. 


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