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OK. We've been missing from this ghost town for weeks as we completed the 90 miles in 2 days at Tour to Tanglewood, the 87 miles in 1 day at Athens to Atlanta (7h58m) and did the preparations for volunteers to put on the 102-21 mile Carolina Century ride and roll for MS, while we skated as unintentional sweep much of the day. Now it is on to wrapping up lost and found and website items and participant surveys and such. Plus resting off 102 miles (10h23m) on roadskates.

Meanwhile to amuse me I looked back at my unpublished Tour to Tanglewood 2011 photos and I got 6 photos (don't worry I just aim my arrm in that direrction and crop later) during the dog incident. 4 of him passing us, and 2 blank ones probably taken during the shoulder roll or after...they are just black except for some light around the edges like a near death experience (NDE). 

[img_assist|nid=1402|title=TangleDog 2011: Canine Joins Paceline to Show Support for People with MS|desc=I can not prove this large young dog was not just jealous of our fun and wanted to jump in to exercise to help people with multiple sclerosis. So I will just say I am glad we all had no lasting pain (except perhaps for his psychological pain from seeing skaters coast past him from behind with skates on the ground on either side of him).|link=popup|align=right|width=400|height=111]Anyway if you don't know the story, the dog came along happily and we felt no fear (or at least I did not, saying "Hey puppy" and all that stupid stuff) and he passed us on this downhill near McGee Road. Then the dog darted into our paceline right in front of me...we had 6 or 7 there. Never leave a gap for someone to jump in! Eebee and i were the last 2. The large doglet was chasing MikeB in front of me. The pupster looked over his shoulder in shock (something I thought I'd never see) and now we 2 were faster than was he. While the dog ran forward and darted about, we spread apart our skates and coasted OVER him, skates solidly rolling on the ground.

Eebee bailed on the pavement, sitting down on some brand new tights, and I saw some nice looking grass in a shallow V-shaped ditch. I skated into that hoping to scissor skate then saw the erosion control rocks looking like cantaloupes. I aimed my head between those and did a shoulder roll. After a while to regather what wits I usually have, we finished the 27 or so left in the 50 that day, and managed the 40 we planned for day 2.

Oh yeah once i was on my back in the grass, the dog came and licked my ears (salty!) so i really think he was not trying to be dangerous. But i didn't like it when he grabbed one of my wrist guards and did circles in the yard shaking it like a trophy squirrel as if celebrating in the end zone. Roadcycling and roadskating are risky, like living on the couch. I don't seek it, but I'd rather die roadskating than sofaskating. 

Skateylove, puppy. See you next year, hopefully tied by that sweet colar with paws on it.

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