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In love with my training partner

kjg's picture

It's true I am in love with my training partner....

The one on my wrist!

He is in my GPS (Garmin forerunner 201) and whatever speed and distance I tell him to run he faithfully does. He never gets tired, he doesn't get slower in the cold, rain or ice, and he tells me how many feet behind me or in front of me he is for the whole run.

He has actually become my friend. I imagine him running in front of me when is says that I am behind by 60 feet and that he just got to the junction before I did. The funny thing is (like a loyal training partner) when I have to stop to wait to cross the road, he waits for me at whatever distance in front or behind me he is at that point and yet when he reaches the road he doesn't look he just dashes across and is never harmed by passing cars!

I actually have to remind myself on the icy/snowy days of late that he is running on a warm sunny day with dry pavement and he will not slip and fall over on the ice!

Seriously, this is a great feature of the forerunner and good for running or skating at a predetermined pace without having to think too hard - I just have to stop myself from racing him and trying to get further and further in front of him just in case he puts in a burst of speed to try to catch me!

At the end of the run he either congratulates me with a little music display or says (rather harshly) goal not met (even when it is just be a few seconds per mile) - that is when I shout at him that I am running on the ice and snow and he is running on dry pavement, and that he didn't wait for me at the last road crossing ;-) 


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Virtual Training Partner

That's funny! But I'm not familiar with your GPS. Do you hear the voice via ear plug, or does he praise and scold you out loud in public? :-)


Blake's radar detector on the English setting sounded like a college cheerleader, so I asked him to change it to the Spanish lady's voice. Come to think of it, that'd be a pretty effective way to pick up some foreign vocab without even trying.


Next time I see a lone runner yelling either into mid air or at their wrist, I'll know why.

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Definitely my most dependable training partner

     I could not agree more.

     My Garmin Forerunner 305 is the best workout motivator that I have ever owned. I frequently use the Virtual Partner feature to push me harder such as each time I do my time trails to measure my progress. I also use the alerts to keep me on target. I am still tinkering with the workout feature, but I can say it does not cut me any slack on the ladders (a.k.a. pyramid workouts).

     Nothing keeps me going on days like today when it was 28 degrees with stiff cold wind. I do my workouts while my fellow skaters opted to skip it and instead met at the usual cafe afterwards.

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