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Lower BMI Makes for a Great Night's Sleep: Slimmer Body Mass Index Helps Insomnia, Snoring

RSNBiker's picture

It's Day 71 of the Brain/Body Makeover and I've become one of those very annoying morning people. I've been in Bellefonte, PA, since Thursday evening, visiting my oldest and dearest childhood friend and her family. Their experience of me pre-Brain/Body Makeover was one of tip-toeing around in the mornings so as not to wake "Aunt M" from a deep and often loud (my brother says I snore like a farm animal) sleep. This morning, I was up before my alarm -- it was set for 7:15. I had my tea kettle on by 7 a.m. and danced around in the kitchen while I waited for my water to boil. Like my pal ebee, I love a scalding cup or two of English breakfast tea in the morning. While I danced around wishing "Good Mornings" to everyone, I got an eye-roll from the cat, who was stretched out in anticipation of getting his room back later today, and an odd look from my hostess. She said, "Who are you and what have you done with my friend?" I paused for a moment of gratitude and to savor another benefit of my new commitment to diet and exercise. I can sleep again! I am a long-suffering insomniac and known for not answering my phone or talking to another human before 9 a.m. In fact, if my phone does ring in the morning, I know it's someone who doesn't know me (so no need to answer), or it is indeed an emergency. Good friends will apologize for calling "in the middle of night" when they find it necessary to call before 9 a.m. This new-found good sleep and energy has allowed me some quiet time. No one knows yet that I get up early now, and I'm amazed at what I can accomplish or NOT accomplish in my quiet time now between 7-9 a.m. The downside to this is that I'm barely awake past 10 p.m. and I'm missing a lot of TV. My DVR was at 82% capacity before I left for my weekend trip, and I hope there's enough space to record the final episode of LOST. I still have a few to catch up on, so please don't tell me how it ends. Skater pals, I went roller skating with my pals last night at Penn Skates in State College, PA. We skated on quads and my feet were killing me after an hour. My hat is off to all of you who roll on wheels with your feet so close to the ground. I am indeed proud to be a part of the Roadskater team.


Bellefonte, PA, Pennsylvania
United States
40° 54' 48.2184" N, 77° 46' 42.006" W


eebee's picture

Rental skates

Uh-oh, the eye-rolling cat's out of the bag now on your morning quiet time! Benjamin Franklin would be very proud of your sleep schedule.

Anyway, this is great testimony to whatever it is you're doing. Are you still going by the Amen book?

Rental skate boots aren't normally the best. I'm glad you got to skate! Only a matter of time now before we get you on some inlines...

roadskater's picture

So what was it like skating again after some time off?

Hi and thanks for the notes. Here are some things I was wondering...

  • How'd you like this part of Pennsylvania? What's it like there in terms of land and surroundings?
  • How was the skating? What made you go with quads vs. inlines? Have you inlined before? I can't recall!
  • Was the place packed? Were there many adults there or was it mostly kids?
  • Did you think you had good fun exercise or just good fun?
  • I think you said (in another conversation) that it was not a wood floor! What was that surface like?

No worries if too busy but I read and was wondering about it.

Congratulations on the progress! Keep us posted. Thanks for posting and looking forward to reading some cycling stories from you perhaps.

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