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Magic Crystals for Smelly Skates

skart's picture

Since I have got my custom boots, I have been skating sockless and enjoying it very much. The fit of custom boots is so great that I found that wearing socks was interfering with it. However, the sockless fashion brings one unpleasant culprit - odor. Unfortunately, with a lot of hours of skating, the smell coming out from the inside of my boots could easily kill a small animal... I needed a solution. Luckily, Eddy Matzger has published this tip of the week on Inline Planet in the beggining of the year: http://www.inlineplanet.com/2007a-tips/01/2/teatime.html

I tried it.... And, although working, this method just was not strong enough to pentrate the odor that has been developing for months. After searching for a little longer, I have found that another filler makes this method working better. I used Purina's Tidy Cats Crystals litter (http://www.tidycats.com/getpage.aspx?pageid=64) and it worked serious magic for me. The odor has been almost completely eliminated and I think, I may even be allowed on airplanes without wrapping my skates into plastic bags now.

Hopefully, this might help somebody else solve their problem too.


Bryan's picture

I have a pair of knee-high

I have a pair of knee-high athletic socks filled with silica gel (the same stuff in those little packets that are shipped with electronics). As soon as I take my skates off I drop those socks in. My current skates are over three years old and still smell like... well, like nothing. Maybe a bit like plastic. I'm not sure if that's what's in the TidyCat stuff you refer to, but you can find kitty litter that's just pure silica gel if you look hard enough. I think I paid about $3 for a box and I haven't even changed it yet.
eebee's picture

What new custom boots did you buy?

Those are great anti-stink tips, btw. Sorry if you've already gone into this elsewhere, but what boots did you get custom-molded, Skart? What's the longest distance you've skated in them, and was it hilly or flat?
skart's picture

I've got a pair of Simmons

I've got a pair of Simmons last October/November. Skated the whole indoor season on them. I think my longest outdoor distance was a hilly 37 miler so far - I kept it fairly short (averaging around 25 miles per skate) over winter...

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