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Many Thanks to Mearthane Products Corp.

andrewinnc's picture

After the past several years of exposure to the cheap asian (read China) imports that have been flooding our country. And the mindset of disposable that has embedded itself into many of our minds. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to contact vendors, corporations or whatever when I have a problem with one of their products.

This has led to my recent episode with wobbling wheels and my subsequent involvement with two major wheel manufacturers. Matter wheels replaced the defective wheels and so has MPC. After a very pleasant phone conversation with Dan Reilly, the company offered and has since replaced my bad wheels. He said he was aware of the problem, as they had an issue with the tool which has since been fixed. I am not in any way insinuating that MPC wheels are of the cheap "Asian" import variety. Many people use them and love them. They have a good feel to them, hold the road great, and look like they wear really well. I had only put 50 miles or so on the set I had and there was no discernable wear at all.

Their are many good companies out there that will stand behind their products if we will let them know we are having a problem with them.


timv's picture

And thank you for letting us know about it

It's great to hear that MPC and Matter made good on those wheels. In a small world like inline skating, word travels quickly and I'm glad that those companies are protecting their reputations by doing what's right. Wheels really shouldn't do that, no matter where they're made.

In defense of Asian manufacturers, I know of some that also care very much about their products and their reputation. The manufacturer of my little hobby lathe, Sieg Machine Tools of Shanghai, seems very eager to hear back from users of their equipment and has continued to improve their products in response to this feedback. In their case, they're limited because they only sell through importers who compete on price and not much else (why they sell "cheap Chinese tools") and often don't offer much in the way of customer service or even know much about what they're selling.

But that's getting off track. The main thing is that MPC and Matter owned up to real problems with their wheels, and were even nice about it! Wherever things are made, the person selling them usually isn't the person who made them. But it's to their great credit that they took responsibility for setting things right.

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