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Mark Sibert Rolls in First Among Inline Skaters as Roadskater.net Carolina Century Raises $1025 for Charity

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For those who don't know we had 8 skaters (4 from Georgia, 4 from NC) and 57 cyclists at the inaugural Roadskater.net Carolina Century (carolinacentury.com), which raised $1025 after expenses. The proceeds will be donated in the names of the volunteers to the MS society (or at their option to select charity cycling events that benefit individuals with sudden catastrophic challenges in their lives). From Roadskater.net, 1 skater, Amy Harper, gave up skating to take care of cyclists and skaters. Roadskater.net skater, Kimberly Roberts, had intended to do so but was unable to be there for health reasons. Amy's mom pitched in to help, as did my parents and brother, making it possible for me to roll out with the century skaters. Three Roadskater.net Cyclists (Margaret Bell, Katherine Brown and Mike Clark) and Spinergy's Doug Lytle gave up cycling the Carolina Century to volunteer as well. Thanks! All 8 skaters plus 12 cyclists attempted the 102-mile century course (as far as we can decipher regarding the cyclists' scrawl). Five skaters completed the 102-mile course; Two skaters completed 63 miles; One skater completed 42 miles. Among skaters, Mark Sibert came in soonest in the non-race and Tom Blooming came in most powerful in the power challenge non-race. Winners in the skate inclusion (not division) are everyone: Mark Sibert, 1st overall speed (13.2 mph), 2nd power rank (2459 lb-mi/hr), 102 miles Tom Blooming, 1st overall power (3282 lb-mi/hr), plus 2nd overall speed, age 38-39 humans, 102 miles Elizabeth Bailey, 1st age 41-44 humans, 3rd overall speed tie 102 miles Lisa Bongiorno, 1st age 45-49 females, 3rd overall speed tie 102 miles Blake Lambert, 1st age 45-49 males, 3rd overall speed tie, 3rd overall power (2169 lb-mi/hr) 102 miles Craig Mattice, 1st age 18-34 humans (63 miles completed on 102-mile course) Clarence Burkholder, 1st age 60+ humans (63 miles completed on 102-mile course) Tom Welsh, 1st age 50-54 humans (42 miles completed on 102-mile course) Everything, as you know, is subject to change, especially the lives of people you make easier through your efforts! Thank you and skateylove, roadskater


A beautiful spot on the Carolina Century 2008 51/102 milers
United States
36° 18' 4.3092" N, 79° 53' 34.0332" W


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WOW! 102 in one outing - amazing

What an amazing accomplishment. It's mind boggling actually. Reading eebee's blog really paints a great picture of the event. Way to go Blake. YOU DID IT! The Carolina Century has officially begun and this will be the first of many. A lot of us know first hand what it's like for family or friends to get dealt a bad hand in regards to health. Through your tenacity, good heart and love of community, the world is a better place. Truly. Thank you.
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Thanks for the kudos but everyone ELSE did it.

Thanks for the kind words, but this event did not happen because of me. Were it because of me it would still be simply in my head...the same idea I've mostly kept quiet about since 2005, the sweaty baking asphalt day that eebee and I learned (on yahoo mail via our cel phones in the parking lot of the K&W Cafeteria in Greenville, SC) that A2A would not happen as planned that year, but some other way, as yet undetermined. That was the day I felt closest to starting a century event, but it was best to put all we could into keeping A2A strong and celebrating that (in our own, not always beloved by others way), and to offering Tour to Tanglewood as a great preparation for and companion to Athens to Atlanta. Now, A2A is as strong organizationally as it has been in a while. This year, many of the Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers sacrificed a great deal in terms of their own skating glory in order to put on an excellent event. It is the national treasure of roadskating that we need to keep alive. The Roadskater.net Carolina Century happened because of specific people I trust and respect who are trusted and respected by local riders. Everything hinged on communicating to these people that we roadskaters wanted to put on a cycling event for multiple sclerosis (and perhaps other local charity bike rides' causes) with smooth, safe, scenic routes, that would also by the way have a sunrise to sunset component for slow cyclists and skaters who wanted to make a century attempt. It would have been easy for this event to never happen. Many people I trust said they thought we'd do a lot of work for not much attendance and fundraising, most likely. But some of those same people said, "If you do it, I'll be there and can do whatever you need for a piece of the day." So I collected those pieces and eventually they made a nice puzzle in my mind. There's much more to tell, if I get to that, but I became convinced we'd never know what to improve until we actually did the Carolina Century, and since enough others gave their time and good names and love, the puzzle worked out to be much fun for most involved, whether cycling, skating or working in the service of others for charity. Thanks most of all to everyone who gave up something to be part of the Carolina Century 2008!

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