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Michel Beaudoin's Ice Blade Spin Machine

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I could swear I skated with this guy in the Montreal Defi some years back, but you know I think that's probably a false memory. In any case, this is a neat little article about an interesting device, if only for the photos of old washing machine devices and of this blade bender. Being from NC I don't know that much about ice speedskating of course, but that's one reason i read this. I think the article is not the best translation, but I was able to follow along. I have a friend who collects Russian cameras based on German designs, and I could see him eBaying these some day!

Michel Beaudoin: «The Spin Machine allows people in barely any ... 
Speed-Skating.net, Canada - 1 hour ago
Based on the same principle of the old spin driers used for laundry, the Spin Machine is used to give a curve to speed skating blades. ...


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