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Mock Orange Bikes, Winston Salem NC, Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: June 27, 2009

roadskater's picture
2009.06.27 8:30 am
Part of a series of excellent free skrides (bike rides where skilled inline skaters are welcome) put on by the NC Central Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides are well-supported, marked, and free to all, including those who may not end up participating in the annual Tour to Tanglewood for MS (but you will love the training rides so much you'll be more likely to do the tour after trying most training rides). These rides are for beginners who've trained a little and everyone else on up to experts. SAG and rest stop and bike support team are great. These rides are often better than paid rides elsewhere. Give the tour a try! Sign-In starts at 7:30 a.m. and safety talk about 8:20 a.m. so be ready to roll even though official start is supposed to not be before 8:30 a.m. It's always good to catch a rest room on the way to the hosting shop instead of waiting on the longer lines for relief there. We've never done the Mock Orange Bikes training ride on skates, and I'm not sure I can make it this year. If I'm in NC, though, I'll likely be at Mock Orange because it's a free skride with people I love! I'll post more info if I get more and hope you will too.


Mock Orange Bikes
492 W End Blvd www.mockorangebikes.com
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 722-6678
36° 6' 3.438" N, 80° 15' 38.3184" W


BladesoFire's picture

Just scouted the route.

Just scouted the route. There are some very challenging elements to this ride. Several steep hills with stop signs or stop lights at the bottom. If you are not very proficient at stopping I would not try this. However, the Baux Mtn Rd portion is very nice. A few of us are planning to meet at Mineral Springs Middle School at 8:45 to ride that portion of the route. It will be about a 20 mile ride.  E-mail me if you would like for me to send you a copy of the route sheets I made and converted to PDF's.  msears@windsorinvestments.com
roadskater's picture

Thanks for the Safety Heads Up

I had not had time to look into the route or to call the shop to ask. Sounds like this is not one to do solo perhaps, certainly not without being willing to take it very slow. Do you know of a link to the shop's training ride route? Will you be skating or (as I presume) riding the Baux Mountain portion? Thanks again. roadskater
BladesoFire's picture

Steve, Amy & I will be

Steve, Amy & I will be skating that portion. End me an e-mail (address above) and I will send you the cue sheet. They don't have it posted yet. I called and they e-mailed it to me.
eebee's picture

Sounds like Ken's

Hmm...steep downhills into stoplights...Baux Mtn. Rd...sounds like part of that Ken's route, which we have skated probably 5 times at least. That downhill into the stoplight under I-40 is a real shin-burner (break leverage, not roadrash!), and we usually end up controlling our speed also with the aid of somebody's lawn. On the way out from Winston towards Baux Mtn. Rd. on the Ken's ride, stopping before the stoplight and busy crossroad just beyond the I-40 underpass is not a problem for us - using our heelbrakes from the top of the hill. On the way back into Winston that downhill intersection is trickier but there is a last-minute bail out sidestreet to the right if you don't time the greenlight just right. But I'm not even sure this is the same road you were talking about since I haven't seen the map. OK scratch that...it must be different stop signs & lights, since Mock Orange Bikes is on the same side of I-40 as Baux Mtn. Still, looks like there are lots of little city streets nearby.
roadskater's picture

I think it's not I-40 where you're describing

Hey and thanks for your comments and they're right in gist if not in detail. The venerable under I-40 route was dropped from another shop's ride. On this ride, I think it's Patterson where going out it's a moderately tricky section and coming back it's almost an expert item (or at least requiring a slow walking in grass or other tricky or timed descent). The description below (after your post) sounds like they're using some of the Ken's route for Mock Orange. I may have GPS info from previous Ken's routes (speed maps and thumbnail maps) that may help us figure it out. In any case thanks both of you for your efforts on this. If I'm here it'll be a hard choice between the Mock Orange training ride or the charity ride in Greensboro (more later on this one). Or maybe just the 20 miles these guys are doing! Hmm. Hard choices. Might not even be here!
BladesoFire's picture

The Hills

There are two hills I am referring to. The worst is the intersection of Patterson and Motor Rd. Coming back from Baux Mtn Rd down Motor Rd. is pretty steep and the stop light is at the toe of the hill. There is a bail out lot provided there is no traffic there. It just looks really spooky. There is also a 4 way stop 1/2 way down the same hill. The other hill is not as steep coming down Reynolda Rd to the busy intersection at the WFU stop light. Jack taught me how to stop rolling my ankles out into a snow plow which works well as long as I'm not going too fast when I start the slow down process. Steve bought some new Bont's which have no brake so he is pretty nervous about it.
roadskater's picture

I think that's the same intersection eebee is talking about

I think this is the same intersection as that on the Ken's ride. Ken's goes out to a loop and it uses Motor Road to get out there I believe. The loop uses Kiger Road or something like that, then a left on an NC highway, then a left onto Red Bank Road. If you're able to upload or copy the turn sheet into a post that'd be cool. If not OK of course. There's a charity skride in Greensboro the same day. I'm checking some details on that. I may not even be up here. Tomorrow I should know. Glad you guys are skating part of it at least. We might see you at that school but not sure yet. I called the MS tour but didn't get a reply yet, too. Thanks for the info on this.
eebee's picture



 "...free coffee and doughnuts will be available in the morning"

This was on my "Greetings from Bike MS HQ" email message about this weekend's training ride. It's hard to turn that down but I think I'd better give them a miss!



roadskater's picture

And chances to win sunglasses and other prizes BEFORE the skride

Yes that was cool stuff and also they have some stuff to give away before the ride so the slower among us don't lose out. The free ride has a free raffle, which is a cool way for the bike shop to make a donation and to get some good will and participation. If we're here we might have to try this one even with the braking spots. Got some word on the charity ride in Greensboro but no route sheet yet. It'll be at Country Park to start. Maybe more tomorrow, though a minor disaster at the skate hovel may take lots of my time tomorrow (oops, today).
BladesoFire's picture

Greensboro Trails

What is the best skating trail in Greensboro in your opinion? I was told that there is a paved trail near my office off of Old Oak Ridge Rd. Do you know where that goes? The Guilford County Parks website is not very informative. Is the trail around Lake Brandt paved?
roadskater's picture

Greensboro Skating Trails

In my opinion, the 1.6 mile loop around Country Park is the best option for skating now. We are not welcome at the Guilford Battleground loop next to Country Park. There is an exit from Country Park near the baseball field that leads up to Spencer Love tennis center, then a right turn past Lewis Recreation Center leads to a left onto part of the greenway. This has some sections with roots that haven't been repaired so be careful. When you get to the Battleground Park go left then right onto Old Battleground. When you get to Lake Brandt Rd turn right and take a quick left down onto the trail again, which goes through an apartment complex. Careful with the speed bumps, but use the road. The trail goes off to the right at the bottom. There are some exciting curves on the trail (be careful to announce yourself, but this is fun). Up and over the hill will lead down a stright section that goes through a concrete dip we call the culvert. Then you'll go across a steel bridge at the lake and back up and over Owl's Roost Rd. There's another exciting section of curves down to a pond (announce yourself and watch for the section that is often damp and a bit slick). After the pond there's a trial up that goes into Bur-Mil Park, or you can do a right left double 90-degree section that gets you across another bridge and up to Strawberry Rd. Beyond Strawberry Rd. you can continue up to the current end of this trail. I don't have distances but am wanting to do the Country Park to end of trail again soon, perhaps with the camera, to document the state of the trail. There's a new section being built from Markham (I think it is, near Golded Corral) up to Pisgah Church (I believe) and this should connect to the rest of the trail when this section is complete. Eventually it will go down by Performance Bicycle to Cycles de Oro bike shop at the cement plant. Once the cement plant gives up and moves out, this line can be used all the way into Greensboro, years from now. The loop around Lake Brandt is not paved. There are mountain bike and hiking trails. There's a section of greenway with access at Piedmont Parkway on the edge of Greensboro and High Point. This greenway is good enough for skating but has some technical challeges in the Gibson Park area, and is often muddy north of Piedmont Parkway, at least when I was there. It connects on the north to sidewalks (tricky ones) at Gallimore Diary Rd. if I recall correctly. At the south end it connects with Piedmont Environmental Center trails but I don't know the status of paving there. Any recon reports are very welcome here and if you have a gps and get data (or a Forerunner 305 or similar) let me know and I can make some maps and such (or you can, using gpsvisualizer.com). Thanks for the questions. Anyone else have info?
timv's picture

Two comments on Greensboro trails

First, I'll agree that the Country Park loop is usually the best choice for knocking out a lot of miles, especially if you're like me and don't mind the repetition. There are times when it gets somewhat crowded, but if you choose the day and time well and you can mentally go to another place then you can get some really good mileage in there without having to worry about car traffic or intersections or having to decide where to go next. It's a good natural environment and the staffers there have gone out of their way to let us know that they welcome skaters.

Another plus for that park is that it's easy to meet up at the parking lot if some folks show up early or late, or to take a lap off from the group and jump back on next time they come around.

Also, the whole Bur-Mil Park complex that you mention--from the apartment complex to the Lake Brandt trail to Owls Roost Rd and Steepleton Way and including the Strawberry Rd spur--has turned into quite a nice skating destination, even leaving out the idea of connecting it with Country Park. I've gone there, parked next to the Bur-Mil Aquatic Center, and skated for a good two hours just doing each stretch of pavement once in each direction. There's some nice scenery and a lot of good asphalt out that way.


roadskater's picture

Yes to Bur-Mil Pool Start/Finish

I made a route and put it into an article. This is our regular route for social skates with Eddy Matzger or for the prologue to Tour to Tanglewood or Carolina Century (well, if we want to skate the night before 102 miles!). http://roadskater.net/roadskaternet-cloverleaf-inline-skating-and-bike-r...
roadskater's picture

A few more Country Park details

I'll keep it brief this time, but wanted to add a few details to timv's comments. We seem to find 7pm to be a peak time for people to be walking at the park. Like us, they do the 1.6 mile loop or portions of it. With extra friendliness, you can still have a great time even when it's crowded. Start out with a slow lap that's a bit talkative to folks and I believe the rest of the laps will go better. Usually people know if they were spread 4-wide across the road, or they had let their kid get too far away from them to be safe, and being nice just seems to work best. We don't do a whole lot of braking, but instead let people know where we plan to be, while being ready to change the plan or brake as needed. There used to be a definite bike lane marking but it was not that effective. In general, we tend toward the middle of the road when passing unless it is clearly better for some reason to take one side. The exceptions are the sharper of the turns, the "180" and the "flag pole" (where we take the long way home around the triangle of grass at the bottom of the longest hill down. To keep the park an official city street and to keep funding for that, it has to be open to traffic during the day and currently that means until about 4:30pm or so. I don't know what time it opens. Before the bark park was there, we had very little car traffic and it stayed near the lower playground and paddleboats area. Now there's likely to be more, and to be cars parked along the road near the bark park. Again, it's important for us to share the park well with walkers and motorists, of course, so anything you can do to help we'll appreciate. We try to let people know we're there (nicely) and we usually keep our speed about the same or just slightly slower, but we also make an effort to be informative in a very nice way every time we can. We tend to get in front of cars before downhills so they won't brake in front of us, but then communicate to them with a wave and by moving over when it is a good time for them to pass. Other than the first warm days of the year, some great times to be at the park are the very hot days. Also good is Friday evening, as lots of people are out at bars and restaurants. We also tend to be out there on Tuesday nights at about 6pm, sometimes earlier, some later. Then we go eat at Elizabeth's Pizza (they have healthy stuff too) afterward. Sometimes slow bike riders join us (E-group, say 10-12 mph). Sorry for the repetitions!
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roadskater's picture

Looks Like No NC Skate for Me This Weekend

Well after all the researching options, it looks like I won't be out there in NC this weekend. I hope those who do part or all of Mock Orange will have a great time and fill us in. Same for any other skates and rides of course! Have a great weekend y'all and skateylove.

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