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Mogema R1 Boot Failure, Epoxy Repair, Back to Verducci

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In the recent discussion of hybrid boots http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=hybrid-speed-boots Claire mentions Mogema R1 boots, which are the boots I enjoyed for many miles using 5x84 and few miles after moving to 3x100+84. I don't know if there is causality there or just coincidence.

However, yesterday as I was finishing my short 30 minutes at Country Park I noted timv was there with his new Hyper boots, adjusting the frames. We sat a bit and did a lap, and we had both noticed on the downtown skate and at the park that I was pronating more than usual. I looked at frame position, often the culprit, but then I heard that SQUEAK and knew my second epoxy repair was done for.  

I think the R1 mounting system leads to various problems, and I certainly had some. Let me say first that this was an inexpensive boot bought used and I got many many miles of fun on the Silver Comet and elsewhere. However, they have mounting slots with bolt receivers that slide along the slots. This may be a great idea for matching up with more frames, but I think it is not a great implementation. There's no way it can be as solid as a fixed mount in my view. Anyway, a bit of history repeated...

I can tell with a weaker ankle that taller wheels put more torque on that ankle, and it makes sense. And this could have something to do with the problems I had with my R1s. Once I put a big wheel setup on them (K2 3x100+84) they only made it through 2005 T2T (90 miles) plus the training between t2t and a2a outlaw before some of the material holding the mount split, allowing the mount and thus the frame to move.

Elizabeth and I went out to Walgreen's in Athens for the dual-tube epoxy kit and I repaired them after the rant and before dinner. I skated those boots for the Outlaw a2a and the next week's decided on the night before Sidekick a2a. After that I doubt I skated much due to the usual burn out and loss of daylight savings and warm sun. 

In Miami in February on the Friday night skate I felt great in those boots. We made good time and it felt great, and I had good control of the skates.

Saturday was different and I remember early in the morning skate saying I felt awkward and didn't know why. It was like I suddenly had forgotten how to skate and was relearning it constantly as the day wore on...not so much that I fell or even came close, but like something was missing, awkward, not right, out of sync, something.

Just before lunch, about a quarter of a mile from the picnic or less, we started pushing things just a little to burn up whatever extra we had, and that was when I felt the sharpest ankle pain I had ever felt while skating. So what did I do? Well there were hundreds of people to talk to, and food, so I forgot about looking at my skates and hung out. It was fun! We had interesting, even tense at points, conversations with people who were passionate to say the least! Then we walked on the beach a bit, and it was time to go!

So we skated 80 Miami Beach blocks southward back to the hotel. Now this was stupid. But consider who it is. Toward the end, we even caught up with a guy making some good time and we rolled back in at a decent pace with him.

Once we sat down and started doffing our skates, I noticed my frame mount was weak again, and it was possible to wiggle the frame such that there was very little lateral support. There had been no clacking sounds, or any that I could hear all day, but the frame was moving, collapsing left and right all day, which probably helps explain why I was pronating and supinating more and more dramatically than normal, injuring myself.

So yesterday proves that with my particular epoxy skills and that particular epoxy, the repair is only good for an emergency when you have no other options and only need it to last for a day or two. And that's still good! But I don't recommend anyone do what I did. Make your own decision, blah, blah, blah, just don't hold me responsible because this is a stupid idea. OK?

Thus ends the tale of the Mogema R1, for now at least, until I find whether it is worth hiring a specialist to rebuild this, or until timv and I decide what the heck it's toast anyway let's try this. We still get emails regarding our Roces Enduro 100mm wheel mod (I just got one yesterday).

For now, I plan to go back to the Verducci V-Tec boots and maybe even the 80mm x 5 Shockwave frame, the idea being to get back to a very solid frame/boot connection and lower wheels with perhaps a little less torque on my ankle. If I skate today I'll post some results, and meanwhile of course I'm dreaming of new skate kits but realizing it may be a choice between the Philly Freedom Skate trip or a new set of boots, wheels and frames. Yikes! What a choice! I'm sure the Verducci kit has life left. I should know fairly soon.


Suitability/durability of MGR-1s

I believe a saying from the car business applies here:  "There's a seat for every tush and a tush for every seat," or something like that.  As a supinator this boot did not adjust for me.  The mounting slots run toe to heel which was just about pointless for someone with my issues.  It did allow me to mount the toe of the frame back a tad which was great as my recovery is lazy and I tend to catch my toe from time to time.

  The frame I was using was the Mogema M55-80, so it wasn't like I could go out and buy a much lower profile frame even though I had a Miller 2121 which is probably as low as you can go.  Trying to develop some speed skating skills, working hard not to fall over to the outsides on the M55-80s, or just being stuck in low gear with the 2121s, just wasn't going to work even with wedges.

  As for the durability of the MGR-1s, I didn't keep them long enough to really be an appropriate judge, but with more moving parts, I think it is less desirable than a fixed mount.  There's just less to break with a fixed arrangement.  Some skaters just wear their equipment harder, too.  There are a lot of these boots out there, and like anything, I'm sure there are people who swear by them where I found myself swearing at them.   

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