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Monroe Georgia Bike Ride for Charity April 9th 2011: Tony Serrano Century Ride

eebee's picture
2011.04.09 7:30 am
America/New York

This is my second attempt to bring some attention to this notable ride. While looking for links the first time around I revisited the awful circumstances surrounding Mr. Serrano's death, and got so upset I had to quit and go do something else. But who am I to give up and run away? For the three involved in this accident, it's the least I can do to highlight this ride.


There is day-of registration, at $40 for all distances (10, 37, 62 & 100 mile options). Proceeds to benefit Healing Angels Medical Clinic, Cycling Safety, and the Georgia Bicycle Advocacy Network. 

I was happy to find a flyer for this event in my mailbox last week. When I saw Tony's name I had a flashback to the last time I skated the US 10K Classic in 2004. At the finish line festivities I struck up a conversation with a friendly runnner, who I think said he was Tony's brother-in-law. He explained to me that a group of them had taken part in the event to honor Tony. I told him I had heard about the accident the week before and was very sorry. The whole team was wearing crazy bright T-shirts and far from being sombre, they were happily celebrating Tony's life loud and clear. I was touched.

It's nice to see that the eighth annual Tony Serrano Century Ride is going strong! It's close to where I live, and laces through countryside old-time A2A-ers will find reminiscent of the first 20 miles out of Athens (because it *is* 20 miles out of Athens). The rides loop through innocent-sounding towns like Fairplay, Social Circle and Good Hope. I drove through some of them yesterday and they do still look innocent - yet untouched by the relentless conurbation of Atlanta.

Mr. Serrano was killed during a 5 am bike ride on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard (Gwinnett County, GA) on Aug 26th, 2004. He was 35 years old with a wife and two young daughters. To make things worse, it was a mere 19 year old who hit him from behind with his car in the dark, and in a bizarre turn Serrano's surviving training partner somehow ended up being charged with causing the accident. The entire investigation was a mess, with the police department's dubious interpretation of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated regarding a cyclist's position on the road. 

Here's an old bikeforums.net thread about it, in case you want to read more details. It's mostly well-mannered and cordial but there's some ugliness at the beginning.


I have not been able to learn the outcome of court proceedings and who was charged with what. But moving on...

The Better Bicycling bill is currently pending, and if it passes, will be known in Georgia as the Tony Serrano Act. The bill "...defines three feet as the minimum safe distance a motorist must use when overtaking a cyclist."



Athens Technical College
212 Bryant Road
Monroe, Georgia 30655
United States
33° 48' 6.6024" N, 83° 42' 21.006" W

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