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More Thoughts on Inline Skating Speed Boots and Frames

timv's picture

Blake has posted the advice that he offered to someone who asked for help buying her first speed boots, so I guess that I could do likewise:

I know that list members have had good results dealing with Nett Racing and Swat Skates--both online with the obvious URLs. (Although it looks like Swat might have forgotten to renew their domain registration because the site's parked right now. At least I hope that's all it is.) Glenn Koshi, who reps for Bont, is--or has been at least-- a member of this list and has also been extremely helpful.

If you want speed boots, I'd suggest cranking up your courage and going with real racing boots. After 12 years of skating, your balance and technique should be more than good enough to adapt to them with very little trouble. Just allow a few weeks or so to get used to them and maybe to do some heat-molding to fine-tune the fit. You have to wear a pair to appreciate just how stiff they are and how securely they fit.

I've been on this list [InlineNC] since it was started more than five years ago, and I've yet to see a complaint either here or on the Roadskater.net message board from anyone about their boots being cut too low and too hard to skate in. Not a single one. On the other hand, we hear constantly from skaters who have sore ankle bones because their boot cuffs put too much pressure on them there. Are higher cuffs going to make things better or worse there? I'm not sure, and it might depend on the particular boot and your particular ankle. But it seems that just about everyone ends up in pretty low-cut racing boots eventually one way or another.

In general: It seems that there's been a convergence lately toward a pretty standard carbon boot design, and at a lot lower price than people were paying circa 2000. My boots (Hyper brand) are so similar in certain details to other brands that I'm sure they were made in the same factory even.

But there's a lot more variety in frames and wheel choices, and that's something you should definitely give plenty of thought to. If the frames you want to use have a certain mounting-hole spacing then you need to make sure you get boots with mounting holes that match.

Someone else who's more up to date on the subject can offer more advice in this area than I can. I'm stuck on 5 x 80mm until I use up my personal stock of those wheels, but there are many options with larger wheels to consider and that's definitely the way that things are going. For the rough pavement that we often hit out on the roads, I can see how they're a big improvement.

OK, wordy and long-winded as usual but that's my take. Good luck with your purchase!


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Thanks for Adding Your Thoughts

Hey timv: Thanks for adding your thoughts you have also posted to InlineNC. It helps to have this in web searchable location! Come and get it, Google/Yahoo/MSN/Ask! By the way, your boots were another incredible bargain from eBay. I have seen a lot of overpriced old hardware up there but with patience, care and a bit of knowledge you can do really well. Setting up an eBay search to be sent via email is good, too. That's how I found mine...or was it andrewinnc who emailed me a link? He sent many as he tried to help me (and help himself not have to hear me groan, ha!).

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