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MPC/PC Vane/Matter

Has anyone out there tried these wheels in the 100mm size?  Which one would soak up the most vibration?  I have been using carbon frames, and they have helped, but I have in mind making another switch for other reasons and would need to compensate for this change.  So . . . what do you think about the above or is there some other wheel I should consider?  My lst concern is vibration; my 2nd concern is weight.  Thanks, Claire


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Inline-skate wheel composition and vibration

Claire: I have no words of wisdom for you regarding your question about MPC/PC wheels. However, I am intrigued. If they are particularly good regarding road vibration and gatorback, I'd be willing to try them. What happens to you because of vibration, that you are seeking the most shock-absorbing wheels?

Ouch, to not so "Good Vibrations"

I may be the only person on the planet with this sort of problem with road vibration; however, here it goes!  There are times when I've been skating along and the road surface has brought me to a screeching halt.  It gives me ear pain!  I've wound up holding my head and then graduate to applying pressure to my ears, much like when covering ears to protect them from loud noises, and only then can I continue on at a very slow pace.  It really hurts!  Since I have a hearing loss, this is really not a good thing.

     When I skated on 80-84mm wheels, this problem occurred more frequently.  I found myself avoiding certain roads altogether, even if the affected stretch was relatively short.  On 100mm wheels, the actual head-holding has stopped, and I only need to slow down.  Less vibration is less fatiguing anyway, and I need all the help I can get, or should I say "buy"?


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More Skate Wheel Polyurethane, Less Plastic Hub Perhaps

Back at the turn of the century, some wheels were made in 80mm which had smaller cores like the small aggressive wheels and unlike most speed wheels, which sport larger "air-core" designs I think they're called. Anyway, these wheels with more wheel, less core, were significantly more comfy even if heavier.


I've noticed some 100mm skate wheels have seemingly very little wheel, while others seem to have lots of polyurethane. I would be tempted to try some of those with more wheel, less core, and to go to bigger wheels every chance I had I guess, were I to have your problem. I'm guessing the carbon frame has been a great help with the vibration?


Please keep us informed about what you learn as you test the options, which I know you'll do!


Oh and yes there are roads where we have stopped to take a break because of the road surface. I even walked along the grass a time or two when the surface was heartbreaking, usually to give up on that, too, and go back to skating the yellow line even, if on a desolate road. And once in a while, there's a downhill on rough road and that can be painful and scary at the same time!


Keep us posted and good luck with your hearing and discomfort.


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