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My skate route

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I'm interested in descriptions of where people skate for their training, i.e. whether road, trail, track, parking lot/deck, hilly (if so, how hilly and how do we compare?), flat, loop distance, or if A-Z and back again, busy or not, hazards, typical weather conditions, etc. I don't own a gps yet so can't give any hill data on my skate places.


I assume most of us have several routes. It'll be a fun excuse to explore on skates and write a report of somewhere new. This would probably be on your 'easy' day, if you have one.


I'd like to be able to map them, too.  


Still in the brainstorming stage right now, but if anyone wants to get started, be my guest!


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A Cycling Loop

Elizabeth, I started to reply to this a couple of weeks ago but lost my work somehow and never got back to it again. But here's a 5.2 mile loop that I've started doing on bike. I did three laps of it yesterday (and then 15 more miles around town after that.)




Note what the elevation profile looks like just before and after mile three! It's a nice loop because it's all right turns, but there's a lot of car traffic during commuter hours so it's really just for weekends and very early mornings.

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Greensboro Country Park 1.6 Mile Loop Gmap

Well I finally will get around to my reply as well. Elizabeth and many others know this loop, and we'd love to make sure everyone does before too long. This is our standard loop for uneventful daily training, home of the old Tuesday night no-drop, the briefly held Wednesday night pack team time trial skate, and the later Wednesday night show-and-go held forth by timv in my absence and up to now.




I'll add a gmap for the Country Park to Bur-Mil route later, and perhaps for the T2T Prologue as well. Thanks for bringing this up, Elizabeth. We may add this to an existing book, or make the whole subject a book. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again.

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The Changing Landscape of Country Park

Thanks for posting that, Blake, and nice trick of using the satellite photo! That was the map that I started making two weeks ago, and I was puzzled that I was getting a total distance of barely 1.5 miles. But now I see that the photo correctly depicts Calvin Wiley Dr. while the map apparently shows an older configuration where it merged into the road heading into the cemetary.


So I guess the mystery of the Country Park loop's true length continues. It's somewhat ironic though that I'd argued for a longer distance and you for a shorter one, but that our gmap-pedometer experiences have each been more extreme than what the other had claimed.


And what's with the strange elevation profile?

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Country Park, Lucky 32 Greensboro to Walnut Cove?

Lots to cover, indeed. I think I've always called it 1.6, but lately have become convinced that 6 laps is almost exactly 10 miles, especially with a trip to the car for skaterade(TM). I think GPS confirms this latter postulate. Funny how I gave an impression or made an outright claim for a shorter distance. Oxygen deprivation?

Yeah the elevation is bonked. I think lake 5B (the northern of the two inner lakes) is set at 690 feet on old topos, but that may be a false memory. I've thought that the east-west portion north of lake 5B was 700 feet. Maybe I can check the old topos on that. I know the old name for Jaycee Park and Spencer Love (All) Tennis Center was Greensboro State Park. I believe of course there were four other lakes or groups of lakes on the old topos, but can't recall.

The satellite view shows some of the old beauty of the place, back when Greensboro interests owned more of it and it was considered one large pleasure ground and memorial to dead heroes. The pathways by the Winston memorial (I think that's the one, with the small graveyard by the tree, up the hill on a straight line and old road bed from the east-west road north of 5B) linked over to the roads in the graveyard, and the memorial graveyard with its concentric circles of gravesites all show actual planning for beauty. Were the upper and lower roads of the sharp squared off U turn allowed as in the old days to continue on (the lower does now, in fact) many more people would wander into the war memorial area of the cemetery.

As it is, the lower road now continues upward to near the "Jackson Brown" tree, where two people of similar last name are buried near one another. This makes a nice link up to the cemetery that we might investigate on weekdays after 5:30 pm or so. It's not a good idea to come down that hill, but going up to the Jackson Brown(e) tree then left into that deep saddle there and back up over the water tower hill would make a nice run, paid for by coasting down through the chattering gatorback in Jaycee Park's parking lot. It's a route to consider, perhaps after double checking with the current Country Park staff.

What a joy it would be were all of these three or four large parcels joined and interconnected even more, with the rail trial coming eventually roughly, say, Lucky 32, all the way to Strawberry Road and perhaps beyond. That rail line runs to Summerfield then over to Stokesdale I think, and all the way up to Walnut Cove where there's a junction still in use methinks. I wonder if that rail is abanoned all the way from roughly Lucky 32 to Walnut Cove? By my reckoning, quickly, that's almost exactly 26.2 miles!

Maybe we should check into joining a local railtrail group to see what's going on with that. Thanks for the comments.

Gmap-pedometer is a useful resource indeed.

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Country Park, elevations

820 and 832 feet elevation for the two lakes here, which matches my paper topo maps for the region. But quickly up to 945 feet on Pilot Hill, which is at the top of that climb back behind Applebees.




For the most part, Greensboro slopes down from NW to SE. There isn't much below 800 feet until you get pretty close to downtown.


Fun stuff about the Atlantic & Yadkin rail line, which is what that rail bed was called, here:






Yes, Walnut Cove, and potentially even to Mount Airy. We could skate up there and get a pork chop sandwich at the Snappy Lunch. And that guy definitely says that the line is entirely abandoned. I wonder how much of it has been encroached upon at this point.


Regarding the loop distance, it seems like I remember a time when you argued pretty strongly that it was quite close to 2.5km, only 1.55 miles. Not that it matters a whole lot. It is what it is, and the two climbs on each lap make it fairly tough compared to the same distance on the open road. But it's significantly easier now than it was before the pavement was redone.

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Stone Mountain Inner & Outer Loops

Alas, I think the elevation came out all wrong. But for what it's worth I finally got around to logging the inner and outer loops at Stone Mountain Park, in Dekalb County, GA.





The good thing about the inner loop is that there is limited traffic for the 3 miles between the starting point on the map and point 3, if you don't want to deal with traffic in the park (you know the glazed stare of the car driver as they see you careering towards them but they pull out in front of you anyway...). So that's 6 miles out and back of either hill up or hill down, which sadly you can't tell from this map. Or maybe it's just me.





Where the outer loop breaks off from the inner, is my 'fitness test' hill, otherwise known to Blake and myself as "Stonewall Jackson" (that's the name of the road, and a pretty good indication of how steep, too). If I can get to the top of that hill and still be rolling, not duck-walking, then I'm doing pretty well for the season. I never, ever beat Blake up that hill (grrr).  Going down it would be deadly, as there's a right-angled bend at the bottom, where, if you missed the turn and went straight, and somehow still missed an oncoming car, you'd end up in the lake. 


Training at Stone Mountain Park pretty much covers you for any hilly races, long or short.  Yearly parking pass is $35 + tax cash only, and a day pass is $8 + tax, cash only. The yearly pass is well worth it. Otherwise there are plenty of places to park up in the Village (for free), and just skate down to the park entrance and roll on in (for free).  More info at www.stonemountainpark.com.

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GPS Route Data

I have uploaded over 1100 miles of GPS data sets with details including elevation, speed, & heart rate for various courses and workouts including skating, cycling, dryland, and even indoor ice skating (data is not too good, but I tried). I began uploading after I learned to use my birthday present, a Garmin Forerunner 305. The uploaded data can be seen at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/network/digest/view.mb?digestUsername=profjb2000.

Of the posted data, my favorite 30+ route is the Schoolhouse Trail of the Madison Country trail network in IL (http://mcttrails.org/schoolhouse.html). The route is being extended to connect a northern trail that will create a 40+ mile loop. A recent outing where we kept rec skaters in the pack for much of the skate shown at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/episode/view.mb?episodePk.pkValue=1155034.

A favorite hill workout course is skating the streets in Forest Park, STL. GPS data for an earlier season workout where I was suffering is at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/episode/view.mb?episodePk.pkValue=885409.

I skate most often at Creve Coeur Park. I have a 2.8 loop we use to time trials as a test of conditioning and longer routes for distance. Just go to the listing at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/network/digest/view.mb?digestUsername=profjb2000. and see any items with CCP in the title.

Be sure to bring the skates if you are ever in St. Louis. You will not be disappointed.


Jeff Barbour

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