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Naomi Grigg - Freestyle workshop

kjg's picture
2006.08.19 9:00 am
2006.08.20 5:00 pm

Naomi Grigg is coming to the U.S and one of her workshops will be in Detroit!!!!!

Check out Naomi's website www.skatefreestyle.com

This promises to be an awesome and fun workshop. Contact Katherine for more details, you will be able to secure your place soon and it will fill up fast!


kjg's picture

Great Naomi Grigg freestyle slalom workshop!

Just wanted to let you all know what a great time we all had at Naomi's workshop. It was a full house and everyone went away with hugely improved freestyle skills. We learnt the crazy, chap-chap, mabrouk, italian and stroll and then off the cones the barrel roll and grapevine.

I have been practicing with the ikea cups since the workshop and can see the slow improvements. I really feel like this is improving my confidence with my edges and Naomi showed us how the stroll has direct correlation to the double push.

Naomi plans to come back to the US next year and we are already practicing! She is planning to hold a US battle to get all the US cone skaters together as well. If you get the opportunity you should definitely take the workshop - whatever you feel your going in skill level is you will benefit! 

eebee's picture

Naomi's workshop

KJG - what skates did you use to do the workshop in - your speedskates, or an old pair of rec skates? Are you doing the drills in your speedskates to get more agility on them (which sounds superb, by the way)? Seems like all that fancy footwork is indeed easier on a shorter frame, but I was just wondering.
kjg's picture

Skates for freestyle slalom

I wore my Salomon Rec skates with 84mm wheels for the class and sunsequent practices (brake removed.) Naomi recommended the Rollerblade Twister for freestyle for its shorter frame and the support of the boot. They are pretty much the only freestyle skate available in the US market right now. The frame is 200mm and it comes with 76mm wheels. She recommends rockering the wheels so that the front and rear are 4mm smaller.

As I mentioned the stroll is really good for speed practice so I asked her the same question - whether I should practice it in my speedskates - she said that would make the manouvre around the cones almost impossible, but that practicing in rec skates improves edge control once you put your speed skates back on.

Here is a link so that you can see the stroll it is called different names by different people but the trick is the same. http://funky.man.free.fr/English/Slalom/tricks/doublecrazy.mpg

The one that is the easiest to learn and most impressive looking is the crazy - mine is getting smoother everytime I practice it, although not quite as smooth as this guy! http://funky.man.free.fr/English/Slalom/tricks/crazy.mpg 

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