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National Take A Tourist Skating Day!

Bryan's picture
I’ll be up in the Chapel Hill area visiting family for the Easter weekend. Anybody up there wanna take a tourist skating somewhere? When I’m in that area I skate the athletic trails along Hwy. 54 (near the Friday Center). I’d love to see some of your guys’ favorite territory. Saturday afternoon/evening would work best.


roadskater's picture

So How Was the New Holiday?

I heard a few comments here and there enough to know that some of the triangle skate club folks came out to greet you. When you have a few minutes please share how it went and your assessment of the American Tobacco Trail. No pressure but I'm interested and I'm sure any comments on the trail and on your time out skating will remain interesting and useful to people considering a visit. Glad you had some response. You go triangle skaters!
MikeB's picture

How did you like the Amer.Tob.Trail?

during a flurry of weekend email I thought I saw a msg from you where you had a terrific skate? Please share...I'm interested in your thoughts on this Trail. Things like distance, speed, traffic, managability, pavement conditions, etc. and thanks in advance Bryan.

First trail adventure

This was my first venture on the American Tobacco Trail and also my first time skating on trail with a group. It was fun! I really enjoyed the ATT. We skated 13 miles (6.5 miles to the Durham Bulls stadium and back). The pavement is reasonably wide and pretty smooth. We were skating at peak hours I would guess - a Saturday afternoon with a temperature in the mid 70's! I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too crowded (in my opinion). There are a number of street crossings with slight hills into them. Do-able without a brake as long as there's someone with you to warn you about traffic! I formed some nasty blisters, but I'm still working on perfecting the fit of my skates and my form definitely needs improvement. Overall, I had a great time.
roadskater's picture

Sounds Like a Fun Day

Third try. I got bitten by the public wi-fi snafus on the first two...upon posting I got the wi-fi system's "welcome" message twice. So I need to remember that next time there and type my posts into WordPad first perhaps...always a good policy when posting on a website. Anyway, thanks for your impressions of the event and for going out to greet one of our fellow skaters. I was wondering how many were there at once, too. Sounds like tons of fun on a nice day without too much traffic on or across the trails.

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