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NCBC Summer Rally

skatey-mark's picture
2006.07.16 8:00 am
2006.07.16 2:00 pm

From http://www.ncbikeclub.org/calendar/century.htm ...

Sunday, July 16  -  8am

NCBC Summer Rally  62m, 42m, 20m

Start:  Shearon Harris Visitor's Center  -   New Hill Holleman Road, New Hill, NC

Club/Organizer - North Carolina Bicycle Club,  David Cole

The NCBC Summer Rally will once again start from the Shearon Harris Visitor's Center on New Hill - Holleman Road. The metric course is a challenge!

Notes from Mark: 

We did this skride last year and it was pretty good.  A few dicey parts -- a fast downhill to a barricade, a MONSTER climb, and cruising on the shoulder of Highway 64...  Otherwise, I think it was okay (aside from being VERY HOT that day!)

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