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NC's Heather Richardson Big Winner in Speedskating; Shani Davis So Great We Notice When He Loses

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Congratulations to Heather Richardson (from High Point, North Carolina) for a second 1k win in World Cup speedskating! Richardson won yesterday and today in the 1000 meters, and has taken the lead in the World Cup standings for the event as well.

500m First Round...


500m Second Round...


1000m Second Round...


Looks like http://www.youtube.com/user/DVchannel2 is covering the women's inline skating scene with video.

This is more evidence that the conversion from inline to ice works. Here's hope we can some day get inline skating--one (or actually, several) of the most popular sports among youth in much of the world--into the Olympics. It's hard to see how some events get in so quickly and inline speed skating--especially roadskating, where courses would be easy to develop with no venue expenses--can't seem to break in. 

In other races, Shani Davis lost by less than a fifth of a second. It was his first loss in the 1000 meter long track speedskating event in over two years! Davis said he was glad the streak was over and this will give him some incentive to improve! 


I hope the reason we have not heard more about and seen more of Shani Davis is his choice, not him being left out intentionally by the media. I would like to see him representing products that want an image of precision and speed and strength like some cyclists do. It's hard not to notice how we in the USA have ignored a consistent winner in a world class event--while lesser contenders have been given glory, attention and television shows for rowdy, brash, far-less-than-promised results. Meanwhile Davis is the only man to win consecutive 1000 meter Olympic golds. Sure, he misses chances to be humble, but so do so many we laud so generously.

Some don't like Shani Davis for some of the same behaviors they laud in others. Others have noticed. Check out this article. 


Check out the interview with Davis. He's a smart fellow, so aware, and I hope and believe he will be a great coach. I love to hear Shani Davis talk about the skating! 


Regardless, I've failed to give kudos often because it was the same news...Shani wins the 1000! So let me give kudos today for all the times he won!

Shani Davis' win streak in 1000 ends

Richardson wins women's 1000 WC race; Canadian Rempel eighth - TSN -



Richardson wins women's 1000 WC race; Canadian Rempel eighth
OBIHIRO, Japan -- American Heather Richardson won the women's 1000 metres at a World Cup long-track speedskating meet Sunday, her second straight victory at ...
High Point's Richardson gets her first World Cup speedskating victoryGreensboro News & Record

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