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New Roadskater.net Member from Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Hi All: My name is Marianne and I am a new member of roadskater.net. I live in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. I will be skating A2A for the first time. From all the things I read on the web it sounds like a very exciting journey. Unfortunately there are not many inline skaters in this town. We have quite a big ice speed skating community, but they all train in Calgary in the summer. I must say that the terrain is not very favorable for beginner skaters. You have a choice of the Trans Canada or hills, hills, hills…or for a challenge go up a mountain road. The Canmore Nordic Centre has some paved trails that are designed for the skate-skiers but again lots of ups and downs. I love the hills and have no problem skating on the Hwy from Canmore to Banff or beyond.

That’s it for now, safe skating



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Hi Marianne! There aren't a lot of really flat roads either here in central North Carolina where the site is based--or for that matter in Georgia along the A2A course, from what I've heard. (Never done it myself.)

I'd love to try ice speed skating sometime. Have you been to the ice oval in Calgary? One of my hopes is to have a chance to do some laps on one of those big 400m tracks. That looks amazing!

Is there some way to back when you skate from Canmore to Banff, or do you skate the round trip?

It's great to see you here on rsn. Have fun skating, and good luck with A2A.

Hi Timv, I skate Canmore –

Hi Timv, I skate Canmore – Banff return from the Banff Park Gate. The Road before that is not in good shape. Past the gate you can skate for about 50km one way on a pretty good surface. I have been to the Calgary tracks, put not skated on. Take care Marianne
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Beautiful Part of the World I've Heard

Hi Marianne... Thanks for saying hi to us. Yes many of us are Athens to Atlanta junkies, though we're not so fast. It's the reason for many a skate on days I'd rather not for some silly reason. From what I've heard and seen of your part of Canada on television and in photos, it is one gorgeous place. You should be well ready for anything A2A can dish out, except for possibly the heat difference, even in October (or especially?). Like timv said, the idea of having an Olympic oval anywhere remotely nearby is amazing. If you want to come down Sep 6-7 we are having a 2-day 90-mile inline skate for a couple of dozen of us plus about 1400 cyclists. It's like A2A over 2 days with sleep and slightly less hills. Let us know if you want more info, but it's $35 registration plus $200 fundraising (we may be able to help) and some relatively inexpensive lodging. Anyway, no matter...just wanted to let you know. Mostly, thanks for going to the trouble to join up and say hello, and if we can answer any questions about A2A (don't forget to search here) just ask. Look forward to meeting in Atlanta or Athens.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the invitation to join you all for the 2 day skate. That sounds like a great time but will be in Montreal for the first time participating in the 24 hrs race. That should be lots of fun. Safe skatingtake care,Marianne
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Skatey-Mark Did the Inline 24 in Montreal

Hi Marianne: One of our members, skatey-mark, did the 24-hour solo last year and placed 2nd, I think it was! It was definitely an amazing achievement. I had a fun day skating with skatey-mark on the American Tobacco Trail in Durham NC while he was training. A quick search will show some reports from last year: http://roadskater.net/search/node/24+hour+montreal The plus sign between search words is pretty handy. I'm talking about the top-right search box for searching roadskater.net. I spoke with my dad and he reminded me that my dad, my mom and my brother went up to Canmore and Banff and then down into the USA for a bit, flying in and out of Calgary methinks. They go on and on about how beautiful it is up there, and my brother talks about the skiing and such. I remember how amazing the water at Lake Louise looks (I think that's it). I also remember them telling me about visiting some huge mine or quarry and their photos of gigantic trucks. Ok that's all I can think of!
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Hi Marianne

And welcome :-)

It's just great that you are signed up for A2A, and as a Georgia resident who started out skating with the Atlanta Peachtree Roadrollers, thank you, thank you, thank you. October will be here before we know it!

I now have my US passport, so am turning over some Canadian events in my mind, such as le Defi de l'Ile de Montreal.

Hi eebee Thanks for the

Hi eebee Thanks for the welcome. Hmmm… le Défi de l'Ile de Montréal…...that looks good too. Have you looked at the http://www.inline24.com I got invited to join a team for this year. I will let you know how it was and if it would be something to add to the yearly events. Maybe we could put our own gang together? Just a thought Have a great day Take care, Marianne
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Adventure Skating and Teamwork

Le Défi de l'Ile de Montréal is definitely one of those do it once in your life events at least. It is a bit more adventuresome and less supported than most events we do, but that's part of the challenge. I've done it once, and enjoyed it, but did have a couple of falls on a mildly wet and cool day with golden leaves underfoot. I've wanted to do the 24, but have not had the funds to consider it for myself, much less to form a team, but it would indeed be fun. I'd be included to do the solo, but it might be fun to have a team solo, if that makes any sense at all, and there's that whole problem of people not wanting to slow down or being able to speed up and all that. A team participation of the more normal sort would be fun too, taking turns as able. Good luck!

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