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New Skaters at Country Park, Old Books at Ed McKay

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We spent another weekend with Eddy at his Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop, this time in Atlanta. After the ATL workshop and an overnight drive back to GSO, all while having had a cold from last Friday on, today was the first time I felt mostly out of the fog. It was toasty hot here today at 89 degrees, and 84 still at 6:30 or so by the time I started skating.

I only did 10 miles (6 laps), mostly at relatively easy pace. The park is hilly enough that it is hard to do a truly easy lap.

I met two guys out there skating who are from Mexico City, and we managed to talk in broken version of our English and Spanish. I think I've seen these two guys out there before and they definitely seem to have the skatebug big time. Hopefully they'll get some helmets! 

I also met a young skater girl who had recs on but seemed to have done some speedskating somewhere based on her form. She was surprised to see anyone else skating. She was skating clockwise (viewed from above) and I told her she might consider reversing to avoid running into skaters or cyclists in the park-specified counterclockwise direction.

So in spite of the fact that the Toozdeh skate fizzled, six laps and three new skaters met is not such a bad night. It seemed like Team Erica from T2T was out there, or at least some members, getting in an early year warm-up ride. Go Team Erica! (But join the Roadskater.net team on bike or skates!)

I passed on the usual pizza and dropped by Ed McKay's used book store, where I found a few nice books to ignore on my shelf. The store has a nice section of free books, so even the poorest readers can share in the fun. Nice!

Hopefully we'll have much more from both Eddy Roadshow workshops and drills we've learned along the way. Thanks eebee for doing what  you have already on this!

Skateylove, Blake

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