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New Version of Microsoft Office Alternative OpenOffice.org 3.0 Available Now

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Hi everyone. I was taking the day to work on obligations, but distractions took over! OpenOffice version 3.0 is now available free as always from... http://openoffice.org If you like to use a BitTorrent client instead, check this out... http://borft.student.utwente.nl/%7Emike/oo/index2.html The openoffice.org site is very stripped down today to reduce resource usage it seems. It's fresh, hot, now like KrispyKreme doughnuts (and some would say perhaps it's sweet and makes you slow, ha). I've been using OpenOffice since Microsoft started including time-bombed versions of its programs instead of even more limited, but full, versions, on machines I purchased. I'm not a Microsoft hater, and I think they have done some amazing software over the years. I am a big fan of Windows XP as an OS, and think the inclusion of TrueType fonts was a huge positive factor in easing the headaches and extra expense of using fonts in documents. I also think Microsoft Office is beautiful and powerful software. If I could still afford it, I might pay for it. There are of course things I don't like about Microsoft's choices along the way (when my server crashed I would like to have been able to just put the drive in any other machine and still use my operating system, for example, but it looks for a motherboard from the same manufacturer or some such mysterious mess). Anyway, if you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office that can read and write documents that work with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice could work for you. I really like how open software development focuses on security testing and updates, especially, and I have been able to find my way along in OpenOffice for several years now. I know you're out there, techtwiddlers, so here's the free SDK (software development kit) link too... http://api.openoffice.org/SDK/ Can you say OO.o? AHAH, I thought so! Go get it now!

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