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New York City Marathon Articles of Note for Logistics, Medical, Volunteer, Event Planning Purposes

roadskater's picture

I didn't watch the NYC marathon this year, and the coverage was delayed and compressed I believe anyway on NBC (though for those with Universal Sports I believe it was live over the air free digital television...in Atlanta, for example).

The New York Times had some interesting articles regarding the logistics of the event, especially the new medical services approach, the enormity of the volunteer effort, and more. Treating the marathon as a planned disaster is a great approach that should help train many people for later volunteer work in relief and rescue situations...

Imagine 1,694 portable toilets...you may say I'm a dreamer...

You may not look your very best at the finish, but who cares! This is a collection of finisher faces...one from Blowing Rock, NC...

Universalsports.com also has some good stuff. There are some photos and some more numbers (2.3 million paper cups! 106 official synced clocks) at... 

For more coverage and some video, see...

For example, Haile Gebrselassie announced he's retiring after dropping out midrace in the NYC marathon. This was a real shocker to the press and others in the room, it seemed. I wonder if he will reconsider...

Also, in her first marathon, USA's Shalane Flanagan places second and takes the US women's marathon champion title in her first marathon...the slow pace early on helped her especially...

And as I recall this year's men's winner was also completing his first marathon...


Central Park New York, New York
United States
40° 46' 19.2972" N, 73° 58' 30.5508" W


timv's picture

Good to see Shalane Flanagan's still going well

Over 10 years ago, I watched and participated in the US National Cross-Country Championships. I ran in the all-comers event on a soggy (soon to be ankle-deep suck-your-shoes-off-mud swampy) Bryan Park Golf Course on a wet, windy, and cold February weekend.

The Junior Girls' race was won by Shalane Flanagan, then a high-school senior from Massachusetts bound for UNC in the fall. I followed her stellar college career and continued achievements as a pro with interest, including many national championships and American records and an Olympic bronze medal at 5,000 meters in 2008. But over the past couple years, I haven't looked at running news reports quite as much and it's great to see that she's still running very well. This was in fact her marathon debut, and quite a stellar one at that.

It's perhaps also worth noting that there were two women's elite races at that same 2000 XC Championships event, over distances of 4K and 8K, and both races were won by Deena Drossin (now Deena Kastor.) She also went on to considerable running glory, including a long string of cross-country titles, an Olympic marathon bronze in 2004, and an American record at 10,000 meters on the track which has since passed to Flanagan. And she's the current American women's marathon record holder with a 2:19:36 in London in 2006, still the only American woman to have gone under 2:20.

Kastor had also planned to run in New York this year, but withdrew due to the happy inconvenience of being six months pregnant.

Incidentally, the cross-country race that I ran in in 2000 was the first one of the weekend, and that was lucky for me as the course was only moderately swampy whlie I was running. A day and a half later, the golf course had been churned into muck worthy of a World War I battlefield. I can only imagine the horror visited upon the course superintendent when he saw the carnage done to his once pristine fairways.

It probably took a while for the course to recover, but it was fit to host the US Amateur Public Links Championship this past summer so I guess it eventually did. I haven't heard of any more running events being held there since then though.

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