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Newby looking for group skate

Been doing Triathlon for about 5 years pretty seriously, loved it, but been there done that now and looking for something new. Picked up some fitness RollerBlades and been out a few times. doing pretty well, actually really enjoying. Looking to meet up with like minded folks for group skates anywhere in the triangle area. Still a Newby but always looking to learn from others.


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More North Carolina Road Skating Choices

Hi Jcody2121 and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to sign up and post. We're interested! I'd like to know what it's like to start skating now, as I've forgotten. I'm interested (and so are the people who search here online, trust me) in how you got started, where you got your gear, what skates you have, pads, helmet, all that. Plus, where did you go to try it out and what did you learn, good and not so good, about getting started. We vaguely remember early days and early lessons, but there are tons of people out there too shy to ask or not willing to sign up for a website (which we have to require to keep the spam out). They want to know what you learned through hard knocks or otherwise, and they also want to know, "Is that as fun as it looks?" Of course it is!

Also, it may seem far off right now, but in September the Roadskater.net charity skating and cycling team (makes it sound important, but not so much) does the Tour to Tanglewood for MS in Greensboro and Clemmons, NC. It's two days and about 90 miles. Be prepared for us to encourage you to join us for this amazingly fun event with a sense of purpose for people with MS. We've been welcome since 1999 and have skated every year since.

In October, there's the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, and also in October (we think) we'll have the Carolina Century for MS 102-miler bike or skate (with shorter options available) as well.

Keep skating and you'll find ultramarathon skating might work for a former triathlete. Should be easier on the knees and the seat as well, with very little chance of drowning, too, although we've heard of skaters skating off ramps into ponds of course.

Thanks so much for the links

Thanks so much for the links and the reply. Well I "was" in great shape about a year ago but not there any more. However, I have a little more time now and I plan on skating quite a bit more and get back in shape.

Thanks again for the info!

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Thanks for the info, MikeB. 

JCody sounds like you're already in great shape! The workshops Mike mentioned will be invaluable to helping you with technique, and if you can join some of those group skates, so much the better!

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Skatey Welcome

Hi Jcody and glad to hear the skating is going so well.  RTP area has a solid group of skaters representing all skill levels, from never before on wheels skaters to pros and anywhere in between.

It would be a good idea for you to check out www.triangleskateclub.com  and our meetup site at www.meetup.com/Triangle-Inline-Skate-Club   Here you'll find the latest on local skates + skrides including upcoming workshops:  1 hosted/taught by Skatey Mark and a 2nd in Greensboro taught be Eddie Matzger.

And there's also upcoming skride events which can be found in the calendar/event section of roadskater.net

skate safely

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