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In the news: Inline skating not trendy but it hangs on as exercise

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Inline skating hangs on as exercise; hobbyists roll on - Paducah Sun

Didn’t in-line skating go out of circulation with the sitcom “Friends,” MC Hammer and Tupperware parties?

Surely, this sport — a great way to burn 500 calories an hour — has succumbed to fickle trendiness.

The answer would be yes — and no. Although abandoned by the hordes who once pursued it, in-line skating hasn’t gone away at all.

A group of in-line skating devotees has met in Sacramento, Calif., for its Monday Night Skate for the past 18 years.

This article caught my eye among the array of headlines along the right edge of the RSN page. The link pointed to a Kentucky newspaper but appears to be from a national news service, off the wire as they used to say, by a writer based in California.

The atmosphere at their weekly social skating events sounds about right to me: no longer the next big thing and not attracting trendies, not an especially good place to go if you're looking to find someone to hook up with in a relationship, but still a good workout in fresh air with a change of scenery if you're looking for that.


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"Happy 1992"

A New Year or two ago, rolling down Roadskater's street, we were greeted at midnight with drunken porch cries of 'Happy 1992!'. Silly inebriated college students. 

Great to read about the Californian dentist who managed to get skating legalized on the American River Parkway. That is good news.

Encouraging that somebody is writing about inline skating somewhere! But 500 cals/hour? Maybe if you're 5 ft 3 and weigh 105 lb. Where was that old calories burned thread again..? Well hey! If that beats P90X or the Brazil Butt Lift then perhaps we'll get some new recruits. Hmm perhaps we could rename Mount Trashmore: Brazil Butt Lift Hill

For anybody who chickens out after reading this: "It’s not a good idea to roll over manhole covers, gravel, those patches of yellow bumps, wet leaves or sticks", don't worry. Within a few months of practice you will be rolling unperturbed over all of those things and remain vertical. 

People still enjoy watching us skate around parks but I think there is a different reaction to speed-skates than to the reckie short-shorts skaters on say, the Silver Comet Trail. I'd rather inspire people to want to try it than to turn them off of it. I sometimes think people see me in my speed skates and assume I'm a rink rat playing outside for the day (when obviously I'm at least 15 lb too heavy to be one of those - tsk). One weekend some lady waved and yelled to me in the park: 'Shouldn't you be at Nationals?!'. I was flattered. Sure fooled her! 

Dating aside, it is a great way to meet some intensely fascinating people. I've never met a boring skater. 

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Picking on Yahoo! Shine again...

Inline Skating triumphs again in yet another vapid Yahoo! Shine article. I pretty much agree with everything here except the 'side-to-side movement' part. To the untrained eye I guess it looks like we're sweeping from side to side, but really we're just kicking out to the side. And yeah that does work some muscles that running won't.

1. Inline skating
Burns 425 calories in 30 minutes

Surprised? While skating might be so much fun you forget you're actually working out, it's also numero uno on our list when it comes to blasting fat and calories.

The big burn stems from the side-to-side movement of your thigh and butt muscles (demanding more from your body than the straightforward motion of our number-two activity -- running). And your core gets involved in a big way to keep you balanced.

What's more, you get all these benefits without putting too much stress on your knees and other joints. Skate at a strong, steady pace. Don't forget your helmet, wrist guards, and knee and elbow pads.

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That's really amazing

Really, people are still using Yahoo!? :-)

For a 30-minute workout I'd go running no matter what an article says. The fact that I can't coast pretty much guarantees that I'll get in more work in a shorter time.

A big difference though is that 60 minutes of running is a big effort, something I'd be feeling for a couple of days, while 60 minutes of skating feels like a light outing, not much more than getting warmed up. But there's probably a tendency to underestimate the value of 60 minutes of skating for that reason.

As for thigh and butt muscles, another thing about running is that it's just hard aerobically to use much of a range of motion. I can use those muscles if I sprint full out but only for 15 seconds or so at a time, and that's not even long enough for aerobic interval repeats.

I skated five laps and then jogged one yesterday afternoon at Country Park and that felt pretty good. Lately it's been an issue for me to get warmed up and settled in to the point where I can enjoy running. Doing the skating part first seemed to help with that.

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Running Muscles

Sad eh? (about Yahoo). I guess I like their little email preview screen, and I hate to say it, rapidly-updating mindless teasers about trivia. And I hate to admit this too, but I never would've heard of many news stories if they hadn't been glazed over by Yahoo. My level of knowledge on those topics probably equals the average couch potato's about cardio sports.

Last time I ran, I was aware for three days afterwards exactly which muscles I never use while skating - several of them around my hip joints. Calves too. Ouch!


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Just a little joke

A very little one... There've been merger rumors lately concerning Y! that mention what hard times the company has fallen on, which is what that brought to mind.

Nothing personal intended at all though. Heck, I still regularly use AOL Mail and even occasionally browse the news stories on their landing page myself.

I'd love to get back to primarily running. It doesn't get much simpler than putting on shorts and shoes and heading down the driveway. And being able to hop out and knock out a 10-miler remains my standard for actually being in shape. It's a great feeling to be cruising easily through the last couple miles of one of those, especially on slightly chilly nights like the ones we're getting these days. But I won't be up to doing that any time soon.

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