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Nice writing, Rollerblades as Emblem

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I know my world. Well, sort of. I think (therefore I think I am) I know a very small portion of it.

One thing I love is to read a nice, clear, brief piece of writing that takes me just a bit into someone else's world, to the overlapping edge of theirs and mine, perhaps. If it's written with some balance, fairness, gentleness and love, so much the better. If it sees the frustrations but seeks peace with them, nice. If it catches the enormous spark kapow importance of a pair of skates, even though it's a passing mention, yeah! Thanks to Chloe Tse for a few nice minutes of reading. It's a different world from mine, and that's why I liked listening in at the next table (via the web) for a moment.

People who don't get it, don't get it, whatever it is.

Often when people hear about the challenges of being a roadskater, they ask: "Why not just ride a bike?"

When people don't understand, perhaps all we can do is gently admit that this would be an easier way to feel if we felt it, then say, for example, I love to skate, and cycling is great for some, but, well, I love to skate, on roads, and there's nothing like it, for me.

Good luck on your search.  

Any kind of love is better than any kind of hate(TM).

Three hopeful guys and one lesbian - The Eyeopener - Warning, bathingsuit-like amounts of flesh shown on target page.

Three hopeful guys and one lesbian
The Eyeopener, Canada - 34 minutes ago
He had been interested in me since first year when I would wheel into class on my rollerblades. I agreed to go on a date with him and he picked me up at ...

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